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And now for The Conversation: Perspective
Posts due June 15, 2016 (this gives you plenty of time)

This conversation is more focused on readers and writers.

So let’s converse about perspective. What is it? How do you see it?

Is Perspective about point of view? Is it how characters see the world?

What is it about perspective that you find the easiest and hardest? Both in reading and writing.

If you have a character who’s perspective is hateful or insulting toward a segment of the population, how do you deal with it?

How do you handle points of view? Can you read/write from a point of view you cannot stand? Or does it jar you too much?

Point of view versus head hopping – can you tell the difference?

When normal perspective doesn’t work – how can an author turn perspective on its ear and still have it work? What has been the most surprising thing you’ve read/written as far as POV (point of view) or perspective?

Writing with a perspective which is not your own – when you write a character who thinks/acts in a way totally opposite to you, how do you make sure and keep that character IN character without accidentally weakening them by putting in some of your own ideals?

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