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Chemistry of Attraction, Book 10 in the Corbin’s Bend series is now out. Some amazing, wonderful blogs have offered to host Brandon & Dina’s story from Oct 8-24th. Feel free to visit them all and leave comments. We authors are little hamsters. We eat up comments. 🙂

8-Oct Crystal’s Many Reviewers

9-Oct Tara Finnegan’s

9-Oct Kathryn R Blake

9-Oct A Casting Call

On Corbin’s Bend’s site

On Blushing Books Blog

10-Oct Natasha Knight

10-Oct Cara Bristol

11-Oct SatSpanks

Thianna D

Corbin’s Bend

12-Oct Rayanna Jamison

13-Oct Katherine Deane

14-Oct Livia Grant

14-Oct Virginia Nelson

16-Oct Patricia Green

17-Oct Paloma Beck

18-Oct Dee Little

18-Oct  Corbin’s Bend Blog

19-Oct Sheri Savill

20-Oct Constance Masters

21-Oct Casey McKay

20-Oct Etta Stark

23-Oct Joelle Casteel

Logan and Christian are making rounds around the blogosphere with the release of the final book in their trilogy All They Ever Needed.

Come check out their visits – and read some fun and HOT snippets.

PK Corey – a great review on the Logan/Christian series

Megan Michaels – a rather hot snippet awaits you

Virginia Nelson – fun and heat all at the same time

Thianna D – Christian’s manhandling dildos…yep

Casey McKay – Shakespeare would be proud

Novel Approach Reviews – exclusive excerpt…oh yeah, and it’s sizzling

Tara Finnegan – It’s all about the romance

Kathryn R. Blake – A great DD discussion between Christian and Gregory, Logan’s father.

Cara Bristol – Logan & Christian are just getting all over 😀

Corey Harper – It’s a new position

Constance Masters – a little 69’ing…

Renee Rose – Enjoying the burn

Jade Crystal – I’m on the hotseat

Thianna D – a poignant moment between Logan & Christian

Joelle Casteel – a little sizzling heat for ya

Kate Richards – How could the boys not have fun at a blog titled Batteries Not included?

Adaline Raine – Logan and Christian getting a little romantic over there

Romance Cooks – Logan and Christian just came for the chocolate. I included a fantastic chocolate cupcake recipe that’ll make you drool

Morticia Knight – Logan finds the sweet spot…

I hope you’ve enjoyed their little tour – they certainly have. If you’ve missed any, feel free to visit one or more 😀

Welcome to the The Book Blog Tour page. Here I will list my older book blog tours.

Greetings from Corbin’s Bend! On July 18, 19, & 20th, you will have the opportunity to meet residents of this amazing community, read blog posts by their authors, and truly get to know Corbin’s Bend. Are you ready?

Day 1 links:

Welcome to Corbin’s Bend! Okay, at least to the Book Blog tour for Finding Their Bliss…which is sort of the same thing 😉

Day 1:

Book Hostage

Blue Crhysalis Book Promotions

Who Picked This

Not Everyone’s Mama

Love Bites and Silk

We Love Kink

Book Boyfriend Reviews

Day 2:

Short and Sassy Book Blurbs

I Feel The Need, The Need To Read

United Indie Book Blog

Rusty’s Reading

Reading By The Book

Day 3:

Kande’s Book Blog

Cruising Susan’s Reviews

Girly Girl Book Reviews

The Reading Vixens

Snarky Mom Reads

Kelsey’s Corner Time

Cajun Book Lover

Once Upon a Book

In The Pages of a Good Book

Dec 18 – Thianna D

Dec 19 – A Writer’s Naughty Thoughts (Kathryn R. Blake)

Dec 20 – Jade Crystal

Dec 21 – Serena Akeroyd’s blog

Dec 21 – Thianna D (For Saturday Spankings and Seductive Studs & Sirens, of course)

Dec 22 – Spanking Romance Reviews

Dec 23 – The Novel Approach Reviews

Dec 23 – Kate Richards’ Batteries Not Included Blog

Dec 24 – Joelle Casteel

Dec 25 – It’s Christmas, ya know!

Dec 26 – EM Lynley Thianna D

Dec 27 – Natasha Knight

Dec 28 – Thianna D (Saturday Spankings and Seductive Studs & Sirens, of course)

Dec 29 – Renee Rose

Dec 30 – Mary Sue Wehr

Dec 31 – Maren Smith

Aug 10 – Thianna D’s Blog

Aug 11 – Renee Rose’s Blog

Aug 12 – Kate Richard’s Batteries Not Included Blog

Aug 13 – Tara Finnegan’s Blog

Aug 14 – Constance Master’s Blog

Aug 15 – Ciaran Dwynvil’s Blog

Aug 16 – Joelle Casteel’s Blog

Aug 17 – Thianna D’s Blog

Aug 18 – Mary Sue Wehr’s Blog

Aug 19 – Spanking Romance

Aug 20 – A Writer’s Naughty Thoughts

Aug 21 – Casey McKay’s Blog

Aug 22 – Natasha Knight’s Blog

Aug 23 – Corinne Alexander’s Blog

Aug 24 – Thianna D’s Blog

Aug 25 – Celeste Jones’s Blog

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