A letter from Thia

A letter from Thia to her fans & online friends:

Dear wonderful people:

There comes a time in everyone’s life where they have to take stock of their world, what they want, what they’re willing to accept. I tried for 8 years to focus on one thing (writing/publishing) while working toward a goal that was completely different to it. Anyone in the metaphysical world knows that’s never going to work. You put yourself on a path that has no good ending.

I could neither be the writer/publisher i was busting my ass to be ~working 16+ hours per day for practically NO return (I made less than 2 grand last year and when combined with the money I put out in marketing and business expenses, I was in the red). And my goal? Continued to wave out in the breeze, no closer and sometimes it felt further away. I had to make a decision I wasn’t ready to make. Until December hit.

In early December 2019, a tragedy struck my life that is impossible to describe. The end result of it was that I had to recognize that I could not continue to work toward two disparate goals and come out without being pummeled by my own stupidity. It took almost three months for me to understand what I needed to do and do it. 

When everything is said, my life goal is what matters to me. Perhaps if I could have made a living from writing while staying true to myself I might I have made a different choice (lord knows I tried). It was probably a good thing that in the end, there was only one right choice to make.

I’ve given the publishing rights to all of my books from ATT Press (and the press itself) to a friend. All contracts with other publishing companies will expire at the end of their contract.  Everything I had set to be released through June will still be released I think. He also has ownership of my social media accounts so he can announce those releases. I deactivated my facebook profile because it was far too tempting to go up there every day. To gain my future, I can no longer live in my past. 

One cannot live one life and hope for another in consciousness. I could not continually give in to my writing/publishing/marketing addiction and still reach my life goal. 

What will happen in the future? I have plans. If I return to social media as me, it won’t be for some time. And it most likely will not be here. However, for news of the books I still have coming out, this blog will stay active through at least mid-summer. It will be run by ATT Press, not me. The majority of the email accounts I’ve used for my writing/pub business, are now no-reply. I won’t see any emails through those I’ve cut off. Only a third of my emails are ones I monitor now, and of them, only 1 do I see results from constantly. The ATT Press email accounts are now in their hands, not mine.

While writing/publishing did not work out for me, I feel good about where I am right now and where I’m going. 

Most likely nobody will see this post, or very few, as this blog’s views went from 10,000 unique viewers per month down to about 20 in the last three months. The universe was talking. I finally listened.

May all of you reach your goals.



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