Question for my fans & readers of this blog

Hi. *waves*

This blog started out personal, moved into more business stuff, and while I’ve pulled it back to personal, it is still mostly about my books. So here’s the question:

If I started to also post about life-stuff, would that interest you? Annoy you? Bore you? Intrigue you?

I’m starting on a bit of a journey. I’m considering blogging about it, but am unsure of whether to do it here or to choose a blogspot and do it there. The posts might get weird and I might get hella emotional at times due to their topics. Hell, I’m in day 2 and just hit a landmine I wasn’t expecting and have cried for the last hour – so yeah, lots of good stuff, but every once in awhile? I’ll be hitting a mine I didn’t know was there.

I usually try to keep that kind of thing ‘offline’ as I was taught to only show a certain face to others. But I’ve come to find that when I try to show myself as one thing, the reality I’m ignoring will come out in other ways instead.

But hopefully by the end, I’ll fully be back on the course I was on before 2017.

So do you want to see me in all my weird glory and stuff? Or should I switch to another blog for that?

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