#newrelease today a Josh & Jack tale for All Roads Lead #MMromance #spanking

We have two brand new releases today. The second is one of author Thianna Durston’s favorite couples: Jack and Josh Carmichael. Some endings are planned out, others come abruptly. For Jack and Josh, it takes pain to push them in a new direction.

all roads lead: a josh & jack tale

all roads lead: a josh & jack tale
Part of the All Roads Lead series:

Jack and Josh Carmichael love their lives, but something is missing. Ever since their best friends left, things haven’t gone right. And then the world falls apart around them. Where there used to be peace, there’s pain. Where there used to be calm, there’s calamity. Where there used to be safety, there’s fear.

They’re going to have to figure out what’s wrong and fix it before it forces a wedge between them they can’t overcome.

Warning: This book is six vignettes from a few months in Jack and Josh’s life. It contains a scene of loving discipline.

Publisher: ATT Press
Cover Artists:

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