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Drakyl Ranch fans – ready for round two? Duty, the 2nd book in the Drakyl Ranch M/M Urban Fantasy/PNR series is now available for Early Release. As a reminder, that means you can purchase and download it before its available at other eRetailers AND get it at a discount for a limited time.

Drakyl Ranch Book Two
Part of the Drakyl Ranch series:

They’ve been safe for decades, but now the drakyl of Drakyl Ranch must fight for their lives and the lives of their human relatives against the vilest creatures to inhabit the earth: Vampyr.

Jeffrey’s been a drakyl for 2 months. He loves being drakyl, but his overwhelming inability to stay awake during the day frustrates him. All he wants to do is be of assistance to his cousins. Instead, he spends his nights running perimeter checks and his days sleeping.

Cor has been a drakyl for over a century. He’s spent his time protecting his tribe from others of his kind. He expects to do that for the rest of his existence. Only now there’s someone who is a constant pull toward Drakyl Ranch. He never believed in the joined. He does now.

When Cor and Jeffrey come together, their sworn enemy pulls a stunt that threatens them all. While they have hints from the research generations of drakyl left them, they can’t understand the language it was written in. Now Cor must find out what it means before the vampyr strike again.

Even though Drakyl Ranch now has four full drakyl, it might not be enough to fight off the new horror the vampyr unleash.

Publisher: ATT Press
Cover Artists:

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