Fire & Blood


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Meet Han from the upcoming contemporary Sci-Fi thriller:  Fire & Blood. 

This was not the way he expected his career as a Navy SEAL to end.


The wind hit him at an odd angle. His foot slipped. When he fell, he’d expected the jerk that would stop his downward descent. Instead the cam pulled free and he plummeted downward.

The next cam held firm, but he was a two hundred and fifteen pound burden falling at a continually increasing rate. The carabiner didn’t hold. Somewhere between when he fell and the bottom, he managed to pull his head up. His body slammed into the rough ground on his left hip, shattering it into dust. He didn’t remember the landing.

He did remember waking up in the hospital a week later to a nightmare that would never end.


Part of the MYTHOS series:
  • Fire & Blood

They lost everything fighting for their country. Now they must fight to stay alive.

When disabled Navy SEAL Han Whitefeather loses the job he’s worked for his entire life, he grasps at the only opportunity left to him—a top secret military organization—to stay in active duty. From the moment he arrives at MYTHOS base, things are not what he expects. There are no ranks. He’s known only by his codename, Roarke. It’s not the military he knows.

From day one, they are pushed into training that has nothing to do with modern-day warfare. Stuck inside the Greenland Ice Shelf, they’re given injections to help them fight off the cold and the pain. Fights and all-out war break out between the cadets. Attempts are made on Roarke’s life and the one responsible is not brought up on charges. To make matters worse, cadets are dying in droves.

When they are divided into four separate squads, Roarke hopes things will get better, only to find himself face-to-face with his most deadly enemy.

With his life on the line, Roarke refuses to give up. He has to believe that everything they’ve gone through will be worth it. Even when he finds out that the injections they receive don’t just protect them from the cold. They do something far worse.

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Publisher: ATT Press
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