Fire & Blood

No matter the cost

Time for more Weekend Writing Warriors snippets.  We post 8-10 sentences from one of our works every weekend.

Han is in a meeting with General Albert Henning to learn about a new branch of the military, known only by the codename: MYTHOS. Henning is the one speaking here.


“…We want people who believe in what we do, so much that they are willing to give up who they are to make sure we win.” He slammed his hand down on the desk making Han jump. His lower back twinged making him wince.

“Anyone entering MYTHOS will become a new person. The person you are will cease to exist as you are now. Once our medics get hold of you, pain will be a thing of the past. This isn’t a branch for wimps, Whitefeather. Our men and women are on the cutting edge of military science. Our men and women are the true weapons. They’re going to make this a peace-filled planet, no matter the cost.”


Book Cover: Fire & Blood
Part of the MYTHOS series:

    Book pulled from production schedule.

    Publisher: ATT Press

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