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OTK Sat Spanks-dusty roseHappy Saturday, Spankos 🙂

Won’t have anything newish until May, but I thought I’d drop in a snippet from If You Can’t Take the Heat, since… why not? 😉

Austin is scening for the first time with Rad at their BDSM club.


The sling slid forward and he relaxed as it swung back and forth, enjoying the feeling. And then Conrad brought his hand down. Heat spread out across his right buttock and before the pain had even entered his head, the sling slid forward and as it went back, Conrad’s hand hit his other cheek.

Holy hell. His mouth opened on a groan as the dull pain made contact and the sling moved forward again. Conrad had large hands and they covered quite a bit of skin. And each fall was delightfully thuddy. Austin wished he could arch into the swing, but the way he was laid out, he couldn’t do much at all except take the blows. And wasn’t that different.


If You Can't Take the Heat
Part of the Steel Door series:

Austin Reynolds always wanted to be a firefighter but an accident when he was 18 killed that dream. Life as a chef, creating wonderful spicy food, fills that void. His monthly visits to feed the hungry firefighters and paramedics of Station 58 help as well. On one of those visits, he meets someone and is instantly attracted.

FBI agent Conrad “Rad” Strauss is on the hunt for a serial killer who tortures and then burns his victims alive. While he rarely finds time for activities outside of work, the need to fulfill the Dom side of him takes him to a BDSM club where he and Austin find they have more than firefighting in common.

As their attraction heats up, so does the pressure from the killer known as The Artist. For he has his eyes on Austin and unless Conrad can stop him, his lover is about to go up in flames.

Publisher: ATT Press
Cover Artists:

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