Happy New Year

Hello and welcome to 2019. It’s a beautiful year already, isn’t it?

This is just a quick note as I’m still vibing it with my online vacation, but there are lot of changes coming up. I’ll announce them as they come. First thing – the name A Thia Thing is going away. It worked well, but I’ve moved beyond it. So over the next while, I will be removing that name from everything.

Second thing – I will be leaving some of the social networks I have accounts at because, quite honestly, there’s only one of me and some social networks have no use as far as I can tell. So I will be closing a few of those accounts. Two that are most likely to end are tumblr and pinterest.

There are a lot of amazing things in store – including some wonderful books coming out this year. (Just wait until you read the contemporary Sci-Fi Thriller coming in April – Fire & Blood. This book is my best written so far and completely outside of the romance genre.)

So enjoy 2019! My first 2019 release will come out January 24th. Get ready for some contemporary sci-fi romance where there’s a romance within a romance.

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