Fire & Blood

The final stage

Time for more Weekend Writing Warriors snippets.  We post 8-10 sentences from one of our works every weekend.

For the next few months, I’m giving you snippets from the upcoming novel: Fire & Blood, a Contemporary Sci-Fi Thriller.


The sound of their hard leather boots hitting the stone floor had ceased to be surprising. After years of the same sound ringing in his ears, Abel barely noticed. He had other things to think about. A cadet had reached the final stage. Over one thousand men and women had given their lives for the newest U.S. military organization, something he figured they should be inordinately proud of. He would have explained that to their parents if their parents hadn’t already thought them dead.

The wide hallway he strode down was several stories below the surface in an installation only four people outside knew about. It was the future of military exercise and would change how war was handled forever. As long as the cadet could pass this final stage.



Book pulled from production schedule.

Publisher: ATT Press
Cover Artists:

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