Fire & Blood

They're bringing him in

Time for more Weekend Writing Warriors snippets.  We post 8-10 sentences from one of our works every weekend.

For the next few months, I’m giving you snippets from the upcoming novel: Fire & Blood, a Contemporary Sci-Fi Thriller.  This snippet is a few paragraphs down from the last one.


“General.” Abel glanced to his right and nodded toward Abbot, their head scientist. Every person involved in MYTHOS had one name. It was given to them upon arrival. Technically there were no ranks within the organization. It was only because Abbot had been there from the beginning that he knew who Abel was.

“Everything ready?” Abel asked.

“Definitely.” Kaos, another scientist, leaned against a large wall that was mostly shatterproof glass and nodded toward something below them. “They’re bringing him in now.”


Book Cover: Fire & Blood
Part of the MYTHOS series:

    Book pulled from production schedule.

    Publisher: ATT Press

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