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Time for more Weekend Writing Warriors snippets.  We post 8-10 sentences from one of our works every weekend. I missed last week due to NaNoWriMo and my computer trying to fail. The good news is I finished the 1st draft to Douse the Flames, the sequel to Fan the Embers.

I’ve given you the prologue and the first half of chapter one from Fan the Embers, Figor book 1. Now, how about meeting Trend? (As a reminder, Figor is a genderless world. For pronouns, they use Xe, Xys, Xem, and Xemself.) The terms skavak and skavaki have to do one’s parents, but again, they have no gender meaning.


Seated still as a statue, Trend a’Bahn awaited xys fate. For eighteen years, xe had worked toward one goal. To apprentice to the best master builder on Figor. To come to the attention of those exalted members of society, first xe needed to be accepted into the regency program. Xys skavak and skavaki told xem that if xe did not get in, that xe could apprentice with someone in their fields.

While xe appreciated the offer, xe did not want to do anything else. In some ways, xe knew this was a long shot. After all, master builders only took on one apprentice at a time and those apprenticeships were long. It would take twenty years from the time xe started to when the master builder would announce xem as a junior builder.


Figor Book One cover
Part of the Figor series:

It’s 2096, Earth is relatively new to the intragalactic game, and 18-year-old Earthen Hugh MacGivens thinks he’s going to spend a few months on a distant world with his ambassador parents. Instead, he steps onto the planet to find he’s Earth’s selection for solidifying an alliance with the genderless people of Figor—by mating with a local.

Trend a’Bahn is ready for xys life to begin. Xe wants to gain an apprenticeship to a master builder and find xys mate in claiming season. Never would xe have expected an attraction to an offworlder.

While the two navigate claiming season, an undercurrent in Figor emerges. They don’t like anything non-Figorian and they hate what Hugh represents. As peaceful as Figorians are, a fire has been lit. If their beloved Empeer won’t stop such a mating from occurring, they will take care of it themselves.

Hugh came to Figor for a few months and possibly the rest of his life. If they have their say, his life ends now.

Publisher: ATT Press
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