Who’s ready for a Corbin’s Bend Pride Holiday set?

Thanksgiving is past and in the Northern Hemisphere, it’s getting cold. It’s the perfect time to curl up with a good book. If you’re a fan of Corbin’s Bend, we have a treat for you: the first Corbin’s Bend Pride book is on Early Release.

3 Holidays for Jon & Ben contains three different tales from holidays over fan favorites Jonathon & Benjamin’s years together. In Benjamin’s Arms, a novella, is from their early relationship. You’ve Been Gifted, a short story, is from their early Corbin’s Bend years. A Jonathon Carol, a novella, could be considered where their relationship currently is.

Get 3 Holidays for Jon & Ben today from A Thia Thing Store. For a limited time (through the weekend) you can also get it for the sale price of $2.99. Or, prebuy it from major eRetailers and download on Dec 6th.

It’s the holiday season. It’s time to curl up in front of a roaring fire and read a Corbin’s Bend Pride romance.

If you love Corbin's Bend's Jonathon & Benjamin, you’ll enjoy the following holiday stories. Each one is from a different time in their relationship.

In Benjamin’s Arms
Jonathon is thrilled for this holiday with Benjamin. It will be the first one since they got together where Ben will be home. He plans to make the most of it. His plans take on a life of their own and before he knows it, their apartment has been holiday’d up. As excited as he is to see Ben, he begins to feel a little strange. Not wanting to ruin their first holiday together, he doesn’t mention it.

Ben has never spanked him before, but if his love puts his health in danger, he’s going to make sure Jonathon knows he is always there for him.

You’ve Been Gifted
Jonathon—overcome with stress—receives an unexpected gift from a Secret Santa and it turns the worst day of the year into possibly the best. Especially when Benjamin sees it.

A Jonathon Carol
The last year has brought about changes for Jonathon and Benjamin, huge changes. Unfortunately, the anniversary of the day they met is once again upon them. If it isn’t for the fact Ben is out of town and four ghosts are plaguing Jonathon’s dreams, the holiday might be like every one before it. If the Corbin’s Bend ghosts have their way, this holiday is going to turn everything right side up.

Publisher: ATT Press
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