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OTK Sat Spanks-dusty roseHappy Saturday, Spankos 🙂

Giving you another snippet from Marked by Shadow today. Sior has taken the assignment to infiltrate the gay BDSM club QinQ and is doing online research since he doesn’t understand BDSM. Every video he sees makes him ill until he comes across one called Cock Worship.


The other man dropped to his knees and quickly unzipped the first man’s pants. He pulled out his dick which was semi-hard. He dipped his nose into the crease between cock and balls and inhaled. For the next twelve minutes and thirty-two seconds, he licked, nibbled and showed more love for the first man’s cock than Sior had ever imagined possible. And the first man didn’t put him down. He praised him, petted his head, moaned, and made encouraging sounds. When the first man said, “Sit back. I want you to wear my cum,” Sior moaned. The second man sat back on his heels and straightened his spine proudly. Sior couldn’t move, waiting to see what happened next. The moment the spatters of cum met his face, Sior gasped.

How had he not noticed how hard he’d become?


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Marked by Shadow
Part of the A Thia Thing Presents series:

Part of A Thia Thing Presents

How was he to know that the club where he finds complete and utter acceptance is the home he has to betray?

Sior is at his wits end. Nobody will hire him due to extreme anxiety attacks and he needs a job. When he is offered a position as a junior private investigator, he grabs at the only possibility in front of him. He has to infiltrate QinQ, a gay BDSM club, bring back proof of illegal activities, and he’s guaranteed a job.

It sounds simple enough. Only he’s straight and he has no clue what BDSM is.

Even worse, he finds things about himself at QinQ that he never knew. The more he begins to understand about him, the more he fears what he might find out about the club. And yet he has to find the evidence or lose his job.

With time running out, he makes a decision, a decision that may cost him everything he holds dear.

Publisher: ATT Press
Cover Artists:

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