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Giving you a snippet from Reunited with His Slave, a BDSM M/M Romance, which came out on Sept 1.


…Master J had been very stern thirteen years ago about how a slave of his needed to know their own mind. At the time it had been a blow, because all he had wanted to do was serve the man. Over the years, he came to understand it more. If he didn’t know who he was, what he needed, or what was beyond his endurance, what was he offering the man anyway?

The bark from Master J instantly had him on all fours before he consciously considered it and crawling through the door. Damn but he wanted to know what the room would look like, just to get a hint as to what his dom had planned, but he knew that wasn’t allowed. Instead, he knelt next to Master J’s foot and waited.

Being naked was freeing for him. He knew the man next to him had seen his erection and he wasn’t afraid or embarrassed to show how turned on he was by the firm tone and the slightly throbbing buttocks he now had. Haiden would be willing to swear in court that Master J’s hand was now harder than it used to be.


Reunited with His Slave
Part of the A Thia Thing Presents series:

Part of A Thia Thing Presents

Things that might have seemed unimaginable by the light of day become impossible to live without deep within the dungeon.

For Joel McClary, this is it. His one last fling before he settles down as CEO of McClary and Associates. He told Hallidian Match, an exclusive matchmaking service, that he was looking for someone so specific that he doubted they could find him, but had described in detail the first consensual slave he had ever played with. That is what he wants: one last evening with someone who will give of himself like his former slave did. After that, he will turn his back and do his duty.

Haiden Johnson is here for only one reason. To spend one last night at the feet of the man he has been in love with for thirteen years. Master J held his submission from the moment he looked into the Dom’s eyes. After months in his service, Haiden hoped to be offered permanence but it hadn’t happened. For years he searched for another master who would pull from him such happiness, but it would seem none existed. When Hallidian Match said they found him, the one master Haiden would lay down his life for, he paid their fee without a qualm. Tonight, he plans to make the most of it, before he buries his need for absolute submission forever.

A Thia Thing Presents are novels, novellas, and novelettes that will be available as serials as well as purchasable in their full forms.

Publisher: ATT Press
Cover Artists:

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