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OTK Sat Spanks-dusty roseHappy Saturday, Spankos 🙂

This week I’m giving you a flashback to the first Markham Library novella – Through the Library Door. In the Markham Library, heroes and heroines enter the pages of an erotic novel and become one of its characters. In this scene, Lord Waring followed her back through the portal into the real world. He introduces her to all sorts of new things.


She jumped at the first swing. A small amount of heat flashed across her right cheek. SWAT! And against her left cheek. While there was a momentary pain, it quickly went away, and left a soft heat behind. Relaxing against his leg, she figured this wasn’t bad at all.


“Ow!” she cried out as a much stronger pain spread across her ass. Immediately her hand went back to cover her poor heated cheeks.

“Put your hand down, Landria,” he said firmly. “I won’t harm you.”

This wonderful man who was spanking her didn’t want to harm her and thought she would look better with more weight. What a strange new world.


Through the Library Door
Part of the Markham Library series:

2nd Edition

“Deep within the library there are secrets untold, hidden within the pages of the books it protects. Some say it is old magic, some say it is a curse, but they all say that once a generation, the door will open and the one who enters will live out the story in one of its novels.”

18 yr old Landria expects to spend a dull summer at her aunt and uncle’s house. That is until she stumbles upon a dusty, unused library and finds her way into the pages of an erotic novel. Attacked within moments of entering the story, she is rescued by the hero, Lord Nicholas Waring, who intrigues her more than she wishes. Once she finds herself back home she cannot forget him. When he follows her into her world and they fall in love, will they be forced apart by the words already written or can they rewrite their story?

Publisher: ATT Press
Cover Artists:

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