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Welcome to another Backlist Monday. Today we’re giving you a taste from A Shifter, A Vampire, & A Fae Walk Into a Bar, the first book in Rab Renroc: where urban fantasy and paranormal romance meet humor dead on.


“I still can … find … him.” Brinnian’s voice came and went and Jillian wished he would stop doing that so she could make it all out.

“You found your way in here.” That was Casper’s voice, though it didn’t have the normal staccato rhythm it usually carried. He was worried. “There has to be a way into the other realms.”

“There are,” Brinnian hissed. “It took me over a hundred years to find the fissure into in between. I don’t know how long it will take to find a fissure out of in between into the shifter realm. If I knew the frequency of the place they sent him….”

Casper let out a growl and she tried to open her eyes. It was difficult. They felt as though they were being weighed down heavily with something. Her fingers lightly flexed, though more in relation to the different energy she felt than anything. It was unlike anything she was used to. It wasn’t… troublesome as most psychic energy was. Part of it was cool, like water from a mountain stream. Refreshing. The other part felt like the deep orange of embers, ready to burst back into flame at any moment if someone would just put a log on it. And yet it didn’t feel oppressive or painful as most of the energy she was used to.

“She moves.” A warm hand touched her shoulder. “Jilly? Are you awake?”

Brinnian’s voice was hesitant and something about the worry that practically poured off him directly into her through his touch had her able to push past the lethargy and open her eyes. He looked… clear. Crystal clear with no fudged edges. A small smile crossed his face, his pointed teeth just showing. “She’s awake.”

At first Jilly wasn’t sure why he spoke to her in third person but then she saw shoes in front of her and slowly turned her head to look up as that individual crouched down. “Ah, Jilly. I am relieved.” Casper reached out and cupped her cheek. The energy of cool stream water flowed over her helping her to overcome the last bit of lassitude and to sit up.

“What happened?” She paused and looked at the two of them crouched in front of her. “And why can I feel you now?” Their energy was intense whereas before they had given off no energy at all.

Casper grimaced and held out a hand. Jillian took it and he heaved her to her feet. “My dear,” he said in the kind of voice one might use to tell someone their favorite cat was dead. “I fear you have been cursed in between with Brinnian and myself.”

That took several second to register. “In between?” They both nodded. She let out a low breath and looked around, surprised to find herself in a light gray mist. “Why are we in fog?”

“Alas, this is in between,” Casper said with a grimace. “No other thing except us. You can see why Mavik and I haunted the human realm as oft as we were able.”

Mavik. She glanced around. “Where is he?”

Brinnian’s small smile disappeared and a look of fury crossed his face. “That human was a warlock. The council pulled Mavik out of in between and instantly sent him away. We think to the shifter realm. Then he cursed you here.”

Shifter realm. Why was she so disappointed? “Oh.” Looked like she’d never see Mavik again and Jillian was utterly annoyed at that fact. He’d been so striking and made her think things she preferred not to think on a daily basis. After all, why consider emotional or even sexual involvement with any creature? They were too much trouble.

“Exactly,” Casper said with a frown. “So now we need to figure out how to open a fissure to the shifter realm to see if Mavik wishes to stay there or return here. Though why he would want to stay with a bunch of mutts is beyond me.”

That forced a tired smile from her. “They’re his kind.”

He cocked a brow at her. “And humans were yours and look how they treated you. No. Mavik doesn’t belong in the shifter realm any more than you belonged with those humans.”


Book Cover: A Shifter, A Vampire, And A Fae Walk Into A Bar
Part of the Rab Renroc series:
  • A Shifter, A Vampire, And A Fae Walk Into A Bar

In a city where nothing is unexpected, one meeting changes their lives forever.

Jillian Michaels has had some strange things happen in her life. She’s met angels and demons, fought zombies and battled Elvis’s ghost. But nothing prepares her for running into three strange men one night. She’s the only one who can see or hear them and they won’t let her out of their sight.

For 157 years, Mavik has been stuck in between due to a curse and has been looking for someone to break him out. The only problem is the witch he’s found does not want to release him from his spell. Not ready to give up, he and his companions, Casper and Brinnian, stick to Jillian like glue.

When she tries to help them, things go from bad to worse when the council over psychic and paranormal phenomena take a stance and send Mavik to another realm and her in between with Casper and Brinnian. Time is running out for Mavik and unwittingly Jillian makes a deal with a demon for his release.

With a vengeful council on their tails and love brewing between human and shifter, who knew a deal with a demon would be the least of their worries?

Publisher: ATT Press
Cover Artists:

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