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This week for Coming Soon Sunday, check out the 2nd edition of Sizzling Attraction, by Thianna D.

Sizzling AttractionSizzling Attraction

Elan Isle Prequel

Author: Thianna D.

Release Date: Oct 4, 2018

Groomed to be the next governor of Texas, Madison Barnet comes across as cold and inflexible. Her family paints her as strong, unyielding, and able to get anything done. While that can be true, she also craves the attention of a dominant man. Since it’s such a shameful idea, she denies herself. Until she meets Beau.

Beau Trey’s a bronc rider in Dallas to see family. He’s charming, easy going, and can dazzle any woman in a mile’s radius. Behind the charm, he’s dominant and loves being in charge. He has a thing for tall, gorgeous, and self-confident. When he meets Madison, he expects another fling. But when their instant fascination ignites, their lust bursts into flame.

Can they survive the fallout of their sizzling attraction?

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Unlike some clubs, the music was muted and more of a backbeat than a soundtrack. A woman dressed in a leather microskirt and a bustier smiled at her. “Your coat?”

“Is there a place I can put my stuff?” Madison asked. “I also want to put on my heels.”

“The dressing room’s in there.” She pointed to a door to the right. “There’s a door on the other side into the club. There are three dungeon monitors around. If you find yourself in a scene and you need to get out, just shout ‘Microfracture’ and they’ll make sure the whole thing stops.”

“Microfracture?” Madison asked, amused.

“Not likely to shout that normally, are you?” the woman asked with a cocked brow.

“I certainly hope not.”

The dressing room was cramped with two full walls of lockers, benches between them, and toilet stalls on the other side. After snagging an open locker, Madison removed her tight T-shirt and jeans, leaving her in the kind of outfit that would have made anyone she knew keel over in shock. After all, Madison Barnet only wore chic clothes from chic designers. She would never be caught not looking her best.

All she wore was a bright purple bra and panties set with a partially opaque scarf woven haphazardly around her, hinting at what lay beneath. After shoving her shoes, wallet, and watch into the locker, she pulled on the five-inch black heels she’d brought with her.

One quick look in a mirror told her the wig still hid her real hair. She straightened up and stepped out of the changing room and into the club. A former warehouse, money hadn’t been put into making it look beautiful. In fact, she wasn’t sure what kind of money had been invested. On the far side of the warehouse, she spotted some equipment. But that left two thirds of the place open. She was sure there had to be better equipped dungeons elsewhere.

The sounds were familiar. The crack of a whip. The cry of a female voice. A sharp command.

Her body trembled and need she hadn’t felt in a long time crashed over her. Perhaps it wasn’t just a memory. She’d best find the right Dom to play with. Because this was her last time. It had to be. Madison had a dynasty to uphold. And kink was not a part of it.

There was a tightly packed group in front of her and she squeezed through them before she saw that there was a reason two thirds of the building didn’t have equipment set up. They were sectioned off areas for specific types of play. Some of the areas were being used. A male sub was being spanked with a huge wooden paddle, a grunt bursting from him with each swing. The Domme landing the blows had her attention fully on him.

A female sub was leaning against a web being flogged, her body arched toward the blows. The Dom flogging her was just as focused as the Domme. Madison wondered if they were couples who had played together for years. A sad sigh left her lips. If Terrell hadn’t broken things off, that could have been her. Instantly, she shoved that thought away. Of course it wouldn’t. A Barnet wouldn’t stay in this kind of activity. It would be bad for the family image.

Doms were either seated in front of several roped-off areas or standing nearby. She wondered why until Jeff, the owner, spoke behind her. “Ever been here for a tour night?” he asked.

Madison glanced toward him and shook her head. At first she wondered why he’d asked as he knew she’d never been there. Then she realized he probably didn’t recognize her. Perfect. Her costume worked. “No.”

“Each area is set up to taste that particular kink. You can agree to a scene as short as fifteen minutes if you just want a taste, or you can ask for a longer scene if that’s what you’re in the mood for.” He leaned in and whispered, “Go on, Maddie. Get a taste.” Heat suffused her cheeks. He recognized her all right. Jeff pointed to the far end closer to the other equipment. “I think you’ll find what you’re looking for down there.”

She trembled and nodded. Madison had known Jeff since college. He was one of only four people who knew of her involvement in kink her sophomore year. It seemed like every year he invited her to one event or another. If it weren’t for the fact her life was about to be controlled 24/7, she wouldn’t have taken him up on his offer. But she had to know… had to experience it. One. Last. Time.

After taking a deep breath to steady herself, she gasped when his hand landed firmly on her ass. “Get a move on,” he said firmly. Her lips twitched in amusement. Bossy switch.

She strode down the areas, noting there were signs that showed the kind of play she could experience in each section. Leather play. Tawse. Cane. English cane. CBT. Abrasion. Bondage… On and on it went. The sheer number of things she could experience if she asked made her feel a bit tipsy.

Before she reached the end of the aisle, she saw him and forgot what she was doing. Several inches taller than her with no shirt on, his sculpted chest and abs stood out in the dim lighting of the club. Behind him, blue lighting enfolded him in its glow. The black slacks he wore combined with the light made his skin appear the color of a light caramel. The muscles displayed took her breath away. He was… stunning.

He was working on a single tail, rubbing it with a cloth and didn’t seem to notice her. The man stretched the leather around his shoulders and tugged on it, as though to test its suppleness. He looked up and their eyes met. In the dark club, she couldn’t tell what color they were, but she couldn’t look away. Something in their depths called to her and she took another step forward.

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About the author:

Thianna D. is a writer by day and supernova by night. Or at least that’s what the faeries tell her. And who is she to deny those pesky *cough* lovely little creatures?

She lives in the Pacific Northwest, though her heart belongs elsewhere. In the meantime, until she can return to the place she calls home, she happily lives in a city that still thinks it’s a small town. Thankfully, it has given her muse lots of amusing places to start a story.

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