A Thia Thing Reads is live #attreads

It’s been months of hard work in the making, but today A Thia Thing Reads is live! Woot!

What is A Thia Thing Reads, you ask? Well, we’ve been wanting a central spot to place samples from books published through A Thia Thing. We’ve also got several finished manuscripts that have been sitting waiting to be published, but for one reason or another, were still waiting.

It seemed the best course was to create a membership site where the samples and manuscripts could be read by you. Currently there’s only one membership level and it is free. We’re insisting people sign up for 3 reasons.

  • We need each member to state they are an adult and can read erotic content wherever they are.
  • We wanted to place our documents behind a wall so the search engines and bots wouldn’t gather them up and post them elsewhere.
  • By signing up, your email address is added to our newsletter. You are agreeing to receive our newsletter while you are a member of A Thia Thing Reads.

Most of the samples are 2 chapters, if not more.

The serials currently are comprised of two books, a novella titled Reunited with His Slave and a long novel titled Marked by Shadow. Both are M/M BDSM. The former is a romance, the latter is a journey. The serials are configured so that you can read a new chapter every week. Both books are also available in ebook format at eRetailers under A Thia Thing Presents.

Over time, we plan to add more samples and serials to the site.

We hope you enjoy A Thia Thing Reads.


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