Paperbacks will be out of print for a while

Due to Amazon combining its Createspace and KDP print companies and forcing CreateSpace users to switch to their KDP print services without notice, A Thia Thing is pulling all print copies for the foreseeable future. In time, we intend to place all of our books which are at least 50k in length back into print using a different printer. However, learning the formatting of a new publishing system is neither easy nor fast. (Perhaps Affinity Publisher, once it’s released, will be able to help us there.)

This means the long novel paperback that is currently in proofing stage is also pulled from its release schedule.

All ebooks will continue to be released as planned, though there may be some changes in which eRetailers we use.

We apologize if you were looking forward to having one of our books in paperback. As we said, we will be putting our books back into print – hopefully starting in 2019. Wait for them. It will be worth it 🙂

It may take some time to remove all print links from our websites. But we asked CreateSpace to take the files out of print immediately.

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