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This week there are two brand new books coming out from A Thia Thing. Both are featured on today’s #CSSundays posts. The first is:

Reunited with His SlaveA Thia Thing Presents: Reunited with His Slave

Author: Thianna Durston

Release Date: 1 September, 2018

Things that might have seemed unimaginable by the light of day become impossible to live without deep within the dungeon.

For Joel McClary, this is it. His one last fling before he settles down as CEO of McClary and Associates. He told Hallidian Match, an exclusive matchmaking service, that he was looking for someone so specific that he doubted they could find him, but had described in detail the first consensual slave he had ever played with. That is what he wants: one last evening with someone who will give of himself like his former slave did. After that, he will turn his back and do his duty.

Haiden Johnson is here for only one reason. To spend one last night at the feet of the man he has been in love with for thirteen years. Master J held his submission from the moment he looked into the Dom’s eyes. After months in his service, Haiden hoped to be offered permanence but it hadn’t happened. For years he searched for another master who would pull from him such happiness, but it would seem none existed. When Hallidian Match said they found him, the one master Haiden would lay down his life for, he paid their fee without a qualm. Tonight, he plans to make the most of it, before he buries his need for absolute submission forever.

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Joel was glad he was wearing a mask. Otherwise his shock was sure to show on his face. How the hell did the company do it? They found slave Hai. He’d had no real name and no real description to go by since Hai had always worn a full facial and head mask to the club and to his apartment. And yet here he was, following him precisely like he had so long ago.

Dear god, was this a second chance?

That the lad wore a plaid had at first annoyed him until he realized who it was. The fact he’d remembered Joel’s Scottish accent and roots was unfathomable. Had he missed Joel as much as Joel had missed him? If so, this setup had the possibility to turn into something amazing or something hideous. It hovered on the edge of a blade and he had no idea which way it would go.

The door to the space they had been allotted was slightly ajar. He opened it and walked in. When the man behind him dropped to his knees and crawled in after him, following one of their rules that his slave would never walk into their play room, Joel almost shuddered. Damn. The lad remembered. For a brief moment, Joel wanted to yank him up and into his arms and kiss him, like he’d considered once upon a time before but never had. But no. They were both here for one reason. To have one last shot at a relationship they both craved. He had to see just what kind of slave Hel had become.

Hel. Hai. He wondered what the lad’s real name was. An acronym maybe? His stomach tightened. No. That would mean he had changed his last name, probably through marriage.

The small closet-sized room they walked into was a foyer for the play space he had asked for. Decorated in dark wood with lethal looking weapons chained to the wall, it gave a nice ambiance for what they were about to do.

One tall, wooden chair stood to his left and he sat down on it, leaning against the straight back. Hel crawled in front of him and sat up on his knees, hands clasped over his lower back, his head raised proudly, hopefully with his eyes on the floor. With the full facial wear he was sporting, Joel had no clue where his eyes were.

“You were sent my rules,” Joel said firmly, delighting in the small sheen of sweat on the other man’s shoulders. That his nipples were out and hard and so was his cock pleased him further. “And I was sent a copy of yours. Before we enter through the other door, I need to know. What are your absolute no’s?”

It was one of the hardest things Hai had had problems with—admitting to his hard limits. The final six weeks they had been together, Joel had tried to find some of those barriers, but they hadn’t gotten far before his school term was up and he had returned home. When he came back the next fall expecting to pick right up again with the lad, Hai had been nowhere to be found. Joel hoped that the owners the man had had since had taught him some common sense.

The man in front of him took a shaky breath, gulping as more sweat trickled from underneath his mask. “Master J, I—”

“What are your absolute no’s, Hel?” Not using the term slave was a deliberate choice. It was obvious the man was already deep inside his slave mindset. He needed to pop him out to discuss limits before they went on.

“N-no breath play,” he said nervously.

“All right. What else?” Joel kept his voice calm, not wanting Hel to think he was annoyed. He didn’t do breath play so it wasn’t an issue. But even if he had, it still wouldn’t have been a problem.

The head, which had a moment before stood proudly, flumped forward and Hel mumbled something. Not allowing that, Joel reached over and slammed the palm of his hand over the lad’s right ass cheek, quickly followed by the left. “Don’t mumble, lad,” he snapped.

Hel’s head came up and he took a deep breath. “I don’t do blood play, my Lord.”

“All right. What else?”

One by one, they came out. Scat, vomit, animals, being shared, sexual acts with a woman… all limits that Hel had a hard time admitting, but admit to them he did. When he was done, he knelt there trembling.

Reaching forward, Joel stroked the hood that covered his slave’s head. “Good lad. Thank you. All those limits will be honored. Tonight and every night. Is there anything else that isn’t a hard limit but you would prefer not to get into tonight?”

To his surprise, Hel broke his firm stance and licked his lips nervously. “I don’t kiss, my Lord.”

That had been part of their rules in the past, too. To keep it from getting too emotional, not that it had stopped the strong feelings Joel had felt for him ever since.

“—unless I’m in a relationship.”

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About the author:

Thia's avatarThianna Durston is a writer by day and supernova by night. Or at least that’s what the faeries tell her. And who is she to deny those pesky *cough* lovely little creatures?

She lives in the Pacific Northwest, though her heart belongs elsewhere. In the meantime, until she can return to the place she calls home, she happily lives in a city that still thinks it’s a small town. Thankfully, it has given her muse lots of amusing places to start a story.

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