Fan the Embers

We need them

Time for more Weekend Writing Warriors snippets.  We post 8-10 sentences from one of our works every weekend.

From 3/18 through the end of the year, I’m featuring my upcoming novel: Fan the Embers. Each excerpt will begin from where the previous week’s left off. By the release date in November, you’ll be able to read the full prologue and part of the first chapter.

Point of view switches to the Empeer.


When the ambassador left, the Empeer walked over to xys small cabinet and pulled out a bottle of ta. The light amber liquid splashed into the glass and xe took a long drink, enjoying the deep earthy taste. Xe needed this alliance to work, for reasons xe could not explain to the Earthen ambassador yet. Not until xe could prove the mettle of the Earthen. Was xe trustworthy?

Xe sighed and went back to xys desk. Blair MacGivens was impressive. Much larger than any Figorian, xe had been in diplomacy for long enough that the Empeer enjoyed xys company. With the Earthen ally being xys child, xe might baulk at the purpose.

“We need them,” the Empeer said emphatically.


The Figorians use a different 3rd person pronoun than Earthens due to the fact they have no gender. When Earthens refer to themselves, they use the gender-infused he/she 3rd person pronouns. When referring to the Figorians, or in how they refer to one another, the pronouns: xe, xys, xem, xemself (pronounced zee, zis, zem, zemself) are used.

Figor Book One cover
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Fan the Embers

It’s 2096, Earth is relatively new to the intragalactic game, and 18-year-old Earthen Hugh MacGivens thinks he’s going to spend a few months on a distant world with his ambassador parents. Instead, he steps onto the planet to find he’s Earth’s selection for solidifying an alliance with the genderless people of Figor—by mating with a local.

Trend a’Bahn is ready for xys life to begin. Xe wants to gain an apprenticeship to a master builder and find xys mate in claiming season. Never would xe have expected an attraction to an offworlder.

While the two navigate claiming season, an undercurrent in Figor emerges. They don’t like anything non-Figorian and they hate what Hugh represents. As peaceful as Figorians are, a fire has been lit. If their beloved Empeer won’t stop such a mating from occurring, they will take care of it themselves.

Hugh came to Figor for a few months and possibly the rest of his life. If they have their say, his life ends now.

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