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OTK Sat Spanks-dusty roseHappy Saturday, Spankos 🙂

While the rest of the out of print sweet spanking series has been tabled for now, two of the  books I’ve rereleased under different titles. Falling for Him was released as a gift for my newsletter subscribers. Worth the Wait, which was the only novel in the bunch, is now available on early release with the new title and a spiffy new cover.

Get it now on early release for only $2.29 from the A Thia Thing store or wait until May 17 where you can purchase at full retail price from major online retailers.

In this scene, DeLynn & Zachary are having dinner with her friend Deeka and Deeka’s husband Curtis. In this community, spanking is spoken of openly. Zachary has just admitted he’s never spanked anyone.


“Do you have some time tomorrow?” Curtis asked. “I have some information that might help. I’d be happy to go over it with you. So would Barrett if you wanted to ask.”

“I think I’d feel more comfortable talking with you,” Zachary admitted. “Barrett may be my father-in-law at one point. It would feel strange talking to him about how to spank my future wife… who happens to be his step-daughter.”

A wide grin crossed Curtis’s face. “Try talking to him about spanking his actual daughter.”

Barking a laugh, Zachary nodded. “That had to be odd.”


Cover for Worth the Wait
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Worth the Wait

With her courting year over and no men on the horizon, DeLynn Straynar decides to do something different with her life and signs up to attend college. Her first day there, she runs into Zachary Styles, the school’s chaplain and feels attracted, but quickly tries to convince herself she feels nothing for him. Until they meet again and again. With school taking up so much of her attention, she tries to focus on it, but ignoring the gorgeous brown-eyed man is difficult and she’s not sure she wants to.

Zachary is working toward his doctorate. While aware of loving discipline, he never imagined he would physically discipline anyone, until falling for DeLynn. She thinks getting courted will be the hardest part, but their courting year turns out to be fraught with trouble. When her anxiety goes through the roof and she finds herself in a manic mode she cannot stop, it doesn’t take long before she realizes that while sometimes she needs to figure things out on her own, there are also times she needs to hand the reins over to someone else.

Warning: This book includes a formally structured society & scenes of loving discipline.

This is a rerelease of the book Courted by Time.

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