An update on my writing schedule…

For those who are wondering what’s going on with my writing schedule – and what I’m writing right now…

I have three series I’m fully focused on and a few others that I will fit in when I can.

I got so busy with so many works that one of my favorite series–Drakyl Ranch–sat in the background for some time. But it’s now in the foreground. However, I am not going to release Book 2: Duty until the final book is complete. Why? While each book has an independent plot, the series as a whole has one as well. When writing that type of plot, my worry lays in finding I need some previous info for a later book that has not been placed in an earlier one. Basically? I’m a perfectionist and want my series to be their best.

In fact, it’s one of my paths for continuous series moving forward.

Looking at my writing schedule (Especially since with my new system it goes much easier than it has in the past), this is what I’m looking at:

(M stands for a non-romance suspense series I’m writing.)

Currently: Writing BDSM fiction – a first in a series – I’m not sure if it will ever see the light of day but this is more like the course during a full meal that’s meant to cleanse the pallet before I write my next book. (Since I spent months writing M2, I needed something lighter 😉 )

Through the rest of the year, my goal is to work on and/or finish the following manuscripts:

Drakyl Ranch books 2-4, possibly 5. (With any hope, I can start releasing the rest of the series by mid 2019.)

Figor, books 2&3 (book 1 comes out in November. I  hope to bring out book 2 one year later.)

M, books 2&3 (I don’t know when book 1 will be released, though it is complete. Book 2 is done in 1st draft,  but will need several rewrites.)

more cleansing fiction 😉

There’s a mixture of paranormal, contemporary fantasy, sci-fi, some romance, and suspense/biotech ahead. I love spreading out to my writings to fill all the genres I love to read (and write).

And I will strive to work in breaks so I don’t get burned out again. Orrrr at least I’ll try.


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