Reversal of rights and all that jazz #bookrights #author

Things are always changing in the book world, especially as an author. Having things end on a peaceful note is always the preferable way to go. That’s why I’m pleased to say I have received the rights back to the following from Blushing Books: (They are currently out of print)

  • Where They Both Belong (Corbin’s Bend)
  • A Good Family Man (Corbin’s Bend)
  • Wrongs Made Right (Corbin’s Bend)
  • Delivered to Love (Corbin’s Bend)
  • You’ve Been Gifted (Corbin’s Bend)
  • Courted: Hyacinth Brides (In Hyacinth)
  • Courted by Discipline (In Hyacinth)
  • Courted by Fall (In Hyacinth)
  • Courted by Trouble (In Hyacinth)
  • Courted by Understanding (In Hyacinth)
  • Courted by Experience (In Hyacinth)
  • Courted by a Knight (In Hyacinth)
  • Courted by Time (In Hyacinth)

Blushing Books retains the rights to the following:

  • Finding Their Bliss
  • Chemistry of Attraction
  • Knowing What She Needs
  • His Damsel in Distress
  • A Holiday Beginning

I received the full rights to the In Hyacinth series back.

As for the Corbin’s Bend series, that’s a little different. Blushing Books retains the rights to the Corbin’s Bend series as it pertains to m/f romance. Blushing and I agreed that since LGBT is not their audience, that all future LGBT Corbin’s Bend books would be published through me. That line is called Corbin’s Bend Pride and is not open for submissions, at least not at this time.

All authors who wish to write m/f stories for Corbin’s Bend will need to follow Blushing Book’s submission procedures. I won’t be involved with that process.

Some of the books I have received back will be republished, though I don’t have any publication date for them as of yet, and others will not. As I add them to my publication schedule, I’ll announce it through my newsletter and Facebook group.

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