Come upstairs #WipItUp #MMRomance #lgbt

It’s WipItUp time again.

I’ve got a teaser for you today from May I Have this Dance which will officially release tomorrow. Buy & Download today from A Thia Thing. Or buy today and download tomorrow from major eRetailers.

Avit and Just are finishing up their drink at the bistro. Avit is the first speaker. It’s from Just’s point of view.


“Are you two friendly?”

He smiled, thinking of his ex. “Sylvie is my best friend. She insisted while we were married that I see other men and she dated as well. That, in fact, is the reason why we finally filed for divorce. She found a man she fell in love with. They’ve been married for fourteen years. I came out the day our divorce decree was final.” It had been a day of liberation. Sylvie and he had toasted the beginning of their new lives with laughter and vodka.

“That’s a better story than I’ve heard from others,” Avit said quietly when the waitress came and gathered their dirty dishes.

“Anything else?” she asked.

Just glanced at Avit. “Want anything?”

“No. It’s getting late.”

Just paid the bill and they walked back to the studio. Attraction sparked between them and he knew he didn’t want to say goodnight. Having sex with a student was probably bad karma, but he wasn’t thinking clearly. Hell, he wasn’t thinking with his northern brain at all. He was thinking of getting those jeans off and seeing what lay underneath. Avit slowed down by a deep red Tesla and Just paused. He had the feeling if he didn’t say something quickly that Avit would leave. He didn’t want that at all.

“Would you like to come upstairs?” he asked, letting his tone turn sultry. “I keep a small studio apartment for nights I don’t want to go home.” Just reached up and stroked a fingertip down Avit’s cheek. “I want to taste you.”


Cover for May I Have this Dance, M/M Contemporary Romance
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May I Have this Dance



How can this be wrong when it feels more right than any relationship he’s ever had?

Avit Johan spends his days building up his business. He has no time, nor desire, to find a partner. With his brother’s wedding coming up, he makes time to update his dancing skills. Desire sizzles within him at the sight of Just Deveroux, owner of Just Dance.

Just has a good life. An ex-wife who is his best friend. Three wonderful children. And a dance studio he lives for. The only thing missing is the right partner, the man he will dance the rest of his life with. He’s begun to believe it won’t happen for him. Until he meets Avit.

Attraction explodes between them, and neither wants to step away from the flames. The problem is that Avit has hidden his bisexuality for years and has no intention of coming out of the closet.

Worried that their relationship will destroy the happiness of those they love, they break things off. By the time Avit realizes what losing Just means to him, it may be too late. It’s going to take opening his heart to everyone he cares for if he is to have any chance of winning Just back.

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