Books that won’t give up their secrets #writing #publishing

Hi everyone! Hope you’re having a fantastic 2018.

I’m in that stage of getting used to doing things online again. I got very used to not being online much at all during my 3-month hiatus from it. I think I prefer the real world 😉

Anyway, you probably wonder what this has to do with the subject line. I have two books I was set to release last year in October & November. When things happened and I left the online world for awhile, I moved them to 2018. Unfortunately, they both have the same problem:

There is something wrong with them and I have no clue what it is

The first book that I was going to release this year: Her Captured Heart, is now indefinitely not on the schedule. Until I can figure out what’s bugging me about that book, I’m not going to publish it. if I did, I wouldn’t market it or stand behind it. And seriously, why publish something if you aren’t fully behind it? Especially when I loooove the premise and the storyline. I wish I knew what it was that bugged me so badly.

The second book I’m trying to figure out is Fan the Embers. I have more hope for it still possibly coming out this year, mainly because in November I dive bombed through it for like the 10th time, ripped it apart, and put it back together. I haven’t reread it since then, but I hope *crosses fingers* that it comes across perfectly next time, even if it does have the odd typo from time to time – changing pronouns confuses my typist fingers.

I’ve been rearranging my publishing schedule for this year trying to figure out what to put where and I ‘think’ I have it figured out. If you’d like to keep up with my current writing schedule join the A Thia Thing group on Facebook. I update that group more often than anywhere else as far as my books are concerned.

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