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It’s another WipItUp Wedsnesday.

Today I have the final flash fic from Falcon Pointe in the #Catalyst series. Every ending is a new beginning.

Content Warning: While these fics take place after the event, they will discuss a school shooting.


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Trent watched as Ethan and Nick left, happy Nick had come down. He knew it must have taken a sheer amount of will to do so. Considering how galvanized everyone was with the idea, he knew it was the right one.

“So what’s the first step?” Frank asked. He was leaning against the far wall, Finn on one side, Santi on the other. For the first time since Trent met him, he looked content. It was a wonderful expression on him.

“We need money,” Roderick said.

“No,” Alan said with a shake of his head. “First we need to figure out how to structure the venture. To accept money and not have it taxed, it needs to be classified as a non-profit. To do that on our own merits would take a couple years. Once the paperwork is drawn up, I can underwrite the corporation with the non-profit I currently run. We can make sure it’s contractual so that in three years or so, the organization goes free. But by underwriting it, you can get the IRS to recognize the organization as a non-profit immediately. So all donations are tax deductible and tax free.”

“Alan’s right,” David said. “We need to get the legal down first. Then we can work on the long-term plan. As long as this is what the group wants to do, I think it’s a fantastic idea.”

“Agreed,” Trent said, leaning his head back against Cory’s chest. “Nick’s right. What this group has done for years is the best way to give back. By having a house that’s somewhat transitory in nature, that’s there to give a guy a hand up, we can continue to bring people in.”

“When you get around to the planning, I want to be part,” Santi said. “This feels right to me. I need to be a part of this.”

Trent smiled at him. “You’re already a part, Santi, but believe me, as soon as the logistics are figured out, we’ll need your input as we need to know what the college needs. We want everyone to help who wants to,” he said, looking around. “This is our project. All of ours.”

They talked a little bit about it, but it was obvious there was a sense of finality about the idea.

“All right,” Cory said firmly when there were a few moments of silence. It wasn’t a charged or uncomfortable silence. There was a sense of relief and a feeling of anticipation. “Since we have come to our idea and it is almost three in the morning, I think we need to get some sleep. Everyone is welcome to crash here. David, will you and Bastien get out the sleeping bags?”

Everyone moved as one. Some of the men took the plates upstairs to put in the garbage and David and Bastien went over to the long cabinet against the west wall that held dozens of sleeping bags for times just like this. Santi and Finn started handing them out. Before Trent could do anything, Cory stood up and pulled him to his feet.

“Bed,” Cory said firmly. “I’ll be up soon.”

“I could help,” Trent offered and then clamped his lips shut. Cory had that look in his eye that said one more word and he would be happy to punctuate his response with a spanking. Considering how tired Trent felt, he knew Cory was right. He’d probably overdone it just by being in the basement as long as he had. “All right. Meanie,” he said with a tired smile.

Cory leaned over and gave him a warm kiss that made his toes tingle. “If it keeps you happy and healthy, yes I am,” he murmured as he pulled away.

The sounds of their greater family getting bedded down for the night filled the bottom two floors as he climbed the two flights to the top floor.

After he brushed his teeth, he stripped and slid into bed, the soft sheets feeling good against his skin. He wasn’t sure why his and David’s idea had felt more like a pipe dream and not something they could do easily. Nick’s idea folded so perfectly into it. That it was an extension of what Cory had been doing for years made him smile.

Trent’s life was forever changed the day he arrived in Falcon Pointe six and a half years earlier and found out he didn’t have a dorm room and would have to find a room to rent. When he walked through the door of 959 Brenton Street, he’d found acceptance. He’d found what family truly meant. And best of all, he’d found Cory, David, Alan, and a few years later Bastien, not to mention all the amazing men in their inner circle.

The knowledge that they could now share that on a more focused basis made him so happy he felt like he could float.

A few minutes later, his husband’s warm body curled up to him from behind. When Cory’s strong arms encircled his chest and pulled him close, one dipping down to run over his cock, Trent was pretty sure he’d be floating in another way very soon.

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Next week, I’ll be back to my regular WiPItUp posts as I have a new book coming out soon. But when I have time, I will pen some more Flash Fic and post it 🙂

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