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Here’s the 14th Flash Fic from Falcon Pointe.

Content Warning: While these fics take place after the event, they will discuss a school shooting.


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Nick loved every man in the room, but being amongst them all was the hardest thing he’d done in a long time. Being around people or lots of energy made him want to roll up in a ball since Sunday night. He didn’t like it, but until the psychiatrist could help him, he had to deal with it.

Alan stood up and so did several of the men on the sofas. They left one of the long ones open and he felt grateful for their unspoken support as Ethan helped him across the room and onto it.

“Thank you,” he said, hating that his voice was so raspy all the time. “I’ve been listening from upstairs and I…” He gulped and breathed hard trying not to panic as everyone’s focus was on him. He glanced at Ethan who squeezed his hand. He would have Nick out of there in an instant if he needed it.

“We’re trying too hard,” he said again. “Cory wants us to come up with an idea that will shake us up and help us see the sun through the clouds. So far I’ve heard a lot of good ideas, but nothing that has a lot of passion behind it.” He licked his dry lips. “A year and a half ago, I came to Falcon Pointe, denying who I was and trying to live a life my parents wanted me to live. And then I ran into a group I called the gay gaggle.”

Trent grinned at him and he smiled back. “They scared the hell out of me and yet I felt more at home with them than I had with anyone except Deke. I felt more at home here than I ever had anywhere else.” He placed his hand on the sofa and glanced over at Cory. His loving green eyes encouraged Nick to continue.

“I’ve heard many similar stories from you. How you came to town and Cory folded you into his network. And the more of you there were, the more enfolding was done. If you think on it, it’s a simple thing. Take someone who is rejected by the world, love them, give them the space they need to grow, and watch them make the world their own.” He smirked. “Invite them to the Labor Day party filled with hot gay men and watch their eyes pop out of their skull.”

Trent laughed and he could hear Santi’s chuckle behind him.

“It’s simple,” he repeated, “but has merit. We all know how it feels to be rejected and how wonderful it feels to find a bunch of people who accepts us as we are.” His throat tried to close and he started to cough. A bottle of water was pressed into his hand and he got some of it down. “Sorry,” he whispered as he tried to clear his throat.

“Take your time, Nick,” Santi said. “You’re on to something.”

“I don’t know how we’d do it, or what kind of logistics there are involved, but if we could do it on a larger scale, to show other gay men exactly what it feels like to be accepted…” He shrugged. “That’s my idea.”

Santi stood up and rested his hand on Nick’s shoulder. He appreciated the warmth. “This is a good idea.”

Nick looked up, surprised by the gleam in Santi’s eye. There was usually one there, but it was normally filled with humor. Today it was filled with a fervor, a passion that made the energy in the room crackle.

“When we were at the meetings on Monday, the dean said that gay men were ten times more likely than a straight guy to drop out before the end of their freshmen year at FPU. Look at Finn and me. We almost did something utterly stupid our freshmen year. If it hadn’t been for you guys, we would have. What if we did just what Nick suggested? We have a building, a house… something, where we welcome guys who need a leg up. We show them the same kind of care and interest we do to any man who enters our sphere of influence.”

Several people leaned in. A slow smile spread across Trent’s face and he looked over at David. Something passed between them though Nick had no idea what it was.

“David and I have been talking for almost a year about what we do and how we want to do more,” Trent said slowly. “We spend our days defending people who’ve been bullied, but we both kept saying there had to be something else. This is that something else.”

“Think of it as a halfway house,” David said. “We take gay men who have been kicked out of their house or who have been rejected by their families or,” he stressed, nodding at Santi, “who are college students needing to live in an environment where they are safe and accepted. We give them that as well as the support of men just like them.”

“Without charging an arm and a leg,” Trent added.

“If we could get the college to accept the place as alternative off campus housing, the students’ boarding fees could be transferred,” Finn said, standing up. “I think.”

The energy in the room spiked and while it felt good, a wave of nausea flooded him and Nick turned to Ethan. Ethan stood up, picked him up, and carried him out of the basement. He might spend the rest of the night with a headache, but it sounded like everyone had an idea they could grow on, an idea that made sense. It had helped every single one of them, so why couldn’t it help others? And it would give all of them something to shoot for.

Ethan lay him down on the bed and curled up at his side. Nick leaned his head on Ethan’s shoulder and closed his eyes. As horrible as his body ached, he felt hopeful.

That was a good step in the right direction.

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