A ‘Brand’ new year for A Thia Thing

I’ve been working on several changes over the last few weeks. Some have had to do with the process of writing. Others have had to do with updating the branding of my books and websites.

While the rebranding process will take some time… probably most of the year to complete. I have started on the website rebranding.

This weekend I launched the new A Thia Thing website. Take a look 🙂

My other websites will be rebranded over the next few months to have a similar feel. And my books will all get either an up-do with a new cover, new edits, etc, OR they will be removed from publication until I have the time to do so. Elan Isle’s new covers are complete and will debut soon. Wylde KingDom’s new covers are almost complete.

In addition, I’m launching a Quick & Enjoyable reads section. Each of my books that is a quick read will get an icon on the cover. That way if you’re in the mood for something quick and enjoyable, you’ll be able to spot it instantly. (Icon is being developed.)

I hope you’ll enjoy the new look and ideas that are flowing.

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