At first sight #WipItUp #MMRomance

It’s the Blue Moon! It’s also WipItUp time again.

The last two weeks, I gave you intros into Avit & Just. I think it’s time they meet, don’t you? Here’s Avit’s first sight of Just.

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“Good evening.” The tenor voice caught his attention and he looked up as a man stepped into the room. “Welcome to Just Dance Rhythm Design.” There was a slight inflection in the cadence that hit home, a softening of the J that caught his attention. It was similar to his father’s accent. “I am Just Devereux.” Just stepped into the light and Avit had to blink. He was the sexiest man Avit had seen in a long time. If they were at a club or gay bar, he would have headed over and tried to get him into a back room.

Just clasped his hands together, deep gray eyes twinkling. “This will be different from any of our other classes if you have taken those. We’re not going to focus on the steps of any particular dance. Instead, we’ll focus on you connecting to your inner rhythm so that no matter what dance you dance, nobody will care if you’re doing it right because you’re connected to the flow of the music. For instance,” he said. He pulled out something small and clicked it. A soft melody filled the room.

“The waltz.” He slid into the basic steps of the waltz, smooth and graceful as his legs moved through the triple meter. “But what happens if you’re given a beat that doesn’t match the official waltz music?” He clicked the button again and the music changed to a rap song. Everything in the room ceased to exist as Just became something different, something more. His legs still moved to the waltz, but his hips, his arms, and his abs pumped to the beat of the rap song. “Or,” he said as he hit the button again and it turned to a lively rhythm. Just switched from the waltz to swing dance. His moves were smooth and Avit could not take his eyes off him. “How about this?” The music switched to George Michael’s I Want Your Sex and while the movements were still swing, Just slowed down and accentuated each move. He tilted his hips in a deep sensual thrust that made Avit clench, glad he was wearing a jock strap.

When the music shut off, Avit had to take a moment to catch his breath—and calm down his dick—before he had to stand up. Shit. That’s like watching porn.


Cover for May I Have this Dance, M/M Contemporary Romance
Available at:

May I Have this Dance



How can this be wrong when it feels more right than any relationship he’s ever had?

Avit Johan spends his days building up his business. He has no time, nor desire, to find a partner. With his brother’s wedding coming up, he makes time to update his dancing skills. Desire sizzles within him at the sight of Just Deveroux, owner of Just Dance.

Just has a good life. An ex-wife who is his best friend. Three wonderful children. And a dance studio he lives for. The only thing missing is the right partner, the man he will dance the rest of his life with. He’s begun to believe it won’t happen for him. Until he meets Avit.

Attraction explodes between them, and neither wants to step away from the flames. The problem is that Avit has hidden his bisexuality for years and has no intention of coming out of the closet.

Worried that their relationship will destroy the happiness of those they love, they break things off. By the time Avit realizes what losing Just means to him, it may be too late. It’s going to take opening his heart to everyone he cares for if he is to have any chance of winning Just back.

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