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It’s WipItUp time again. Woo hoo!

I’ve got another snippet for you from my upcoming release: May I Have this Dance. (Love these two men.) Last week I introduced you to Avit. This week, meet Just Devereux.


He opened a door on the built-in cabinet and grabbed the small remote sitting in front of the stereo equipment. A couple quick clicks of his finger sent the CD-changer into gear. He closed the door and began to stretch. The only things about him that suggested he was in his mid-forties were the silver that was rapidly taking over his hair and the lines that bracketed his eyes. Otherwise, his body was better than most twenty-somethings. Just took care of his physical body. Stretching, weight training, and dancing kept him in superb shape.

Since he stretched every morning and before each class he taught, it didn’t take long before he stood up and let the music take him. It was like giving himself over to the muse that continually stayed by his side. He felt the most alive when he was dancing.

First, he went through the movements of his favorite dances, his feet sliding with movements his body knew better than his head. His favored dance, the Argentine tango, took over and he slid across the floor, his entire essence that of a man in tune with his body.

The song changed to a new pop hit, but his feet never faltered. The new rhythm changed the way his hips swung, the undulation of his abs and ass, but he never stopped the moves of the tango. The music playlist he’d chosen was perfect for his need today. It began slow and built, the intensity increasing with each new song, each impassioned step.

By the time he was halfway through, he was no longer alone in his head. He could feel another body next to his. Another firm body with a tight waist and a long torso. Unlike on the professional dancing circuit, in his personal life he preferred to dance with men. Dancing was a reflection of the passion one had for life. As he was gay and had only ever been attracted to men—no matter how much he’d tried not to in high school—he felt best dancing with members of his own sex. It was when he could truly let go and give himself over to the passion of the music.

With every step, he could feel the other man’s cock brushing against his thigh. Their ragged breaths filled the air as the tango pushed them further. Passion ignited between them but they kept up their stance. The drive of the music led them on, the desire within each of them sent them higher.

The discomfort in his pants from a hard cock made him crazy. This was the moment, the moment he’d dreamed of his entire life—of sharing everything with a man who was perfect for him. A man who loved dance as much as he did. A man who loved life. A man who loved him.

The last thought came as the music hit a crescendo. Lips met his and unconsciously he reached for his partner, his hands meeting nothing but air.

The shock of finding nobody brought him quickly down to earth with a crash. His heart racing, he dashed over and turned off the music. Pants coursed from his lips. He reached up, touched them, and gave a wry shake of his head. “Your fantasy is taking over, old man,” he reminded himself with a laugh. “Good thing nobody can see you act like a total idiot. You’re too old for this kind of shit. Your oldest child is about to get married.”


Cover for May I Have this Dance, M/M Contemporary Romance
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May I Have this Dance



How can this be wrong when it feels more right than any relationship he’s ever had?

Avit Johan spends his days building up his business. He has no time, nor desire, to find a partner. With his brother’s wedding coming up, he makes time to update his dancing skills. Desire sizzles within him at the sight of Just Deveroux, owner of Just Dance.

Just has a good life. An ex-wife who is his best friend. Three wonderful children. And a dance studio he lives for. The only thing missing is the right partner, the man he will dance the rest of his life with. He’s begun to believe it won’t happen for him. Until he meets Avit.

Attraction explodes between them, and neither wants to step away from the flames. The problem is that Avit has hidden his bisexuality for years and has no intention of coming out of the closet.

Worried that their relationship will destroy the happiness of those they love, they break things off. By the time Avit realizes what losing Just means to him, it may be too late. It’s going to take opening his heart to everyone he cares for if he is to have any chance of winning Just back.

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