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Content Warning: While these fics take place after the event, they will discuss a school shooting.


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Frank had been to more than one brainstorming session with Cory and knew they were a long way from resolution. As such, he leaned against the wall as people passed out more ideas. He listened to them somewhat, but mostly he focused on Santi and Finn.

Until they came into his life, he’d thought he had everything he needed. He was single, had a great job, a good house, and a fantastic group of men he called family. And then one day he attended a wedding and saw Santi going off the rails. He’d needed to step in. Next thing he knew, he had two college boys rooming in his otherwise quiet, orderly house and finding it filled with more light than he knew was possible.

When he’d heard the gunshots the previous Friday and stepped out of his office, he’d felt like he aged forty years in that one instant. His first thought had been for the two men he lived with, worried they were there in the crossfire. After he glanced and didn’t see them, he was able to settle back into a mindset he hadn’t been in since he retired from the military. Taking that guy out had been the first order of business. Making sure Santi and Finn would come back from the shock stronger than ever before was the current one. Afterward he would have to work on the mixture of emotions he felt for the two boys. No. They weren’t boys. They were men. He’d never expected to fall in love, let alone with two guys young enough to be his sons. Somehow they had ducked in under his defenses and filled his life with laughter and love.

In little over a year’s time, they would graduate from college and head out into the world. Frank knew he would have to have something else going on to take up the hole that would be in his world. Perhaps whatever they started tonight would be the thing he could use as a crutch.

Finn leaned over and put his head on Frank’s shoulder. Frank instantly put an arm around him and smiled when Finn curled up close. Both guys were affectionate and had no trouble showing it. While Finn had been wary at first about the subject of discipline, it didn’t take long before he saw how good it was for him. It worked well because all three of them were wired that way. A discipline relationship worked for them. Frank needed to take care of those he cared about and Santi and Finn needed someone to dole out discipline to keep them on track.

Falling in love with them had not been in the plan.

“What about you, Frank?”

He cocked a brow at Roderick. “I’m waiting for someone to come up with the right idea.”

“That’s Frank for ya,” Tobi said from the other side of the room. “Wants the rest of us to do the hard work.”

“Someone has to,” Frank teased back. “Now if you’d just come up with the bare bones idea, I could make it better.”

A wave of chuckles flowed over the room and he looked around. Everyone was seated, most of the couples curled up together. If it weren’t for the fact that Alan was curled up to Cory’s side, he would have felt a little strange with how close Finn was to him. But nobody in their circle would think twice about it. They knew Frank was Santi and Finn’s landlord and disciplinarian. Besides, Finn and Santi were always hugging someone. Well, Santi was anyway. Finn was a little more reserved, but not much.

“What about a parade?” another suggested. “Kind of a celebrate the ‘life of’ kind of thing.”

“No.” The voice was raspy but firm and they all looked toward the stairs where Nick stood, leaning against Ethan’s side. “You’re thinking too hard.”

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