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Today I have another flash fic for you from Falcon Pointe. Another look from Bastien’s POV.

Content Warning: While these fics take place after the event, they will discuss a school shooting.


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Even with the horrible reason for them all to be together like this, Bastien reveled in the company of the men they considered close family. There were over thirty of them at the house and everywhere he turned there was a warm smile and a hug. They all looked as exhausted as he felt, but there was solidarity in being together. There was some rage simmering in the room as all of them were angry at the guy who had perpetrated the act, but overall, Cory’s house was a place of solace for everyone in their greater circle. Just being there made them calmer.

For Bastien, having them there gave him a sense of relief. There were three decades that separated the youngest members like Santi, Finn, and Rafe from the eldest, but that didn’t matter. They were all family. It didn’t matter the race, the age, the job, religion, or political leaning. They were family, bottom line. And these men knew how to do family more than anyone he’d ever known.

“Here.” David sat down next to him in front of one of the arcade games and handed him a plate. It was filled with chicken, dumplings, and some sort of casserole. It smelled wonderful.

“Thanks.” Bastien kissed him lightly and leaned against his shoulder. “I love having everyone here.”

“Me too.” David sighed and put an arm around Bastien’s shoulders. He leaned in, his voice dipping low. “Have you seen Nick?”

Bastien tried not to flinch, but it happened anyway. Yes, he’d seen Nick. Their usually smiling, happy friend looked horrible. His eyes were sunken in and his skin was sallow and unhealthy looking. “He looked awful.”

David held him tighter. “Everything will get better, Bas. This has affected all of us in different ways, some more than others. We’ll come up with a plan and be there for Nick. He’ll come around.”

“I know. I just hate seeing him like that. I think part of it,” he admitted with a rueful smile, “is that I know it’s going to take time and yet I want to wave a magic wand and make it all okay.” He picked at the piece of chicken, not eating it so much as separating it into tiny pieces. “Trent said it to me the other day. We know a lot and because we know what we know, we know the hell they’re going to go through before they come out the other side. And even though we know they need to go through it, we both wish we could jump them over that hurdle.”

“Eat that, don’t pick at it,” David chided with a smile. “Or you’ll be going into the discipline room next.”

Bastien snorted lightly, his eyes zeroing in on the head of their household, Cory, who was talking to Levlin. “I’m still slightly sore from two days ago. I better eat.”

Once everyone returned from getting their food upstairs, they found places to sit on the floor or the sofas and quieted down. All eyes settled on Cory. He must have felt them because he nodded at Levlin and walked back to the spot he’d been in before in front of the television. Cory cast a striking figure no matter what time of day it was or what he wore, but in that moment, dressed in jeans and a button-down shirt the color of Trent’s blue eyes, with the silver in his raven hair prominent and his green eyes intently looking at each of them, he looked like the leader of an army. Bastien was ready to follow wherever he led.

“Got enough food?” Cory asked with a smile. Several men chuckled. “The beginning of this kind of brainstorming session is usually the most painful. So let me be plain. No idea is a bad one. I repeat. No idea is a bad one. If an idea feels like it’s going in the opposite direction than where we want to be, I’ll mention it, but otherwise, all ideas are welcome. Even if you think it’s the stupidest idea you’ve ever heard, I want you to shout it out. If you hear someone else’s idea and it makes you think of something else, shout it out. This isn’t about who comes up with the idea originally. Because in the end, it will be from and for all of us. It will be an idea that we will take, mold, and turn into something amazing.”

His eyes shot to the stairs and he stopped speaking. Trent had just made it to the bottom of the stairs. His hair was mussed, his eyes sunken. “Are you sure?” Cory asked in a quiet tone. Trent nodded. Cory took him by the hand and led him over to the area by the television. He made sure Trent was seated with a plate of food in his hands before he continued.

“I’ll start since it needs to start somewhere. And then I want each of you to share your ideas. My first thought was to raise money for a scholarship in those young men’s honor.” Cory sat down and pulled Trent between his legs and wrapped his arms around him.

For a moment there was silence while everyone ate.

David cleared his throat. “That’s a good idea. One of the things I thought of today was some sort of event. In the realm of ‘we won’t forget.’”

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