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Today I’ve got the 7th Catalyst flash fic from Falcon Pointe. And you get to see things from Cory’s POV today. He’s my favorite character in this series.

Content Warning: While these fics take place after the event, they will discuss a school shooting.


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The timing couldn’t have been worse, but Cory was used to that. As a doctor, far too many of his patients went into labor at the most inopportune times. Several times it had happened while he was making love to his husband. Not to mention the calls that came in while he was mid-discipline with one of the men in his household.

But as much as he did not want to leave Trent’s side while they sat in the basement with Bastien, David, and Alan, he needed to. “That was Ethan,” he said after he put the phone away. “Nick’s collapsed and they’re at the hospital. He needs me to find out what’s going on.”

“Shit.” Bastien looked stunned. “What happened?”

“That’s what I’m going to find out. I want the four of you to continue the conversation, though. Having something to fight for is the best way to overcome the fear everyone’s feeling. We need to be working toward something.” He leaned over and pressed a gentle kiss to Trent’s lips. “Stay with them. I don’t want you going off on your own.”

Trent offered him a lazy smile in return. “Expect me to go be depressed in private?”

“Yes.” Cory gave his husband a knowing smile. “I know you, sweetheart. And I know Alan. He won’t let you sink into yourself. Stay with them and find an amazing idea. I’ll be back as soon as I can.” He stood up, unsurprised when Alan changed seats so he was seated next to Trent. He loved how close the men in his house were. They were family.

They also had external family. And two of them needed him desperately right now. “David?” he said as he walked toward the stairs.


“Ethan’s worried that Nick’s parents are still his emergency contacts. Can you prepare something just in case?”

“On it.”

Knowing David would have something legal drafted by the next morning to put a major wedge in the way to Nick’s family being able to visit him, Cory pushed that from his mind and left the house.

It was only six o’clock in the evening, but the sun was down and the air chilly. There was little traffic on the road, both due to the fact it was a Sunday night and the fact there had been little movement inside the city since the shooting. Everyone was staying home.

He rubbed his jaw as he stopped at a red light. There were papers upon papers of research done on the kind of mind it would take to open fire on a bunch of blameless people. Cory could care less about the reasoning. That man had shot nine innocent men, murdered them in cold blood. He would get a trip to the state mental hospital for his trouble. In return, he’d struck fear into the hearts of many citizens, both gay and straight.

The men in their larger circle felt it keenly. Not only did they have several younger men who went to FPU, but his husband and Bastien were therapists and had donated their time on Friday and Saturday to help out. Unfortunately, both of them had pushed themselves too hard. The emotional fractures in Trent were painstakingly visible. Cory hadn’t seen him that broken up since Trent’s father had tried to get him committed to a hospital whose sole purpose was to beat the gay out of him.

The light turned green and he pressed on the gas.

Seeing his men in pain hurt Cory in a way he could never adequately describe. He had a need to take care of others, to watch over them and help them be the best people they could be. Having everyone around him somewhat shattered hurt like a knife to his gut. As he’d told Trent, having something to work toward, a goal that was overwhelmingly good, was the best way he knew to combat the fear.

They just needed to figure out what.

The emergency room was slow for a Sunday night. There were only two other people in the waiting room besides Ethan and Deke. Both of his friends looked like they had been through a war.

He walked over and pulled Ethan into a hug. Ethan held onto him tightly for a few seconds before releasing him. When he pulled back, Cory could clearly see the strain on his face. His eyes were blood shot and the circles underneath them were dark. “What do we know?” he asked gently while reaching over to hug Deke.

“Not much of anything. Deke says he’s sure he’s an emergency contact and thinks I am too. But we’re waiting on the FPU clinic faxing the information over here. They won’t tell us anything until then.”

That was the law and the fact was, it was a good rule. It was there to keep personal information out of the hands of those who shouldn’t have it. Cory completely understood Ethan’s frustration. He and Nick were a couple and there should be no information he wasn’t privy to.

“All right. Let me see who’s on staff tonight. I’ll find out what I can and if I have to, I’ll call over to FPU and light a fire under them. We’ll find out what’s going on with Nick.”

Ethan nodded, looking as though his entire life was off kilter.

Cory understood. If anything happened to Trent, he would lose it for a little while. He once thought himself as an even keel person. The only time he’d ever lost his cool was when Trent’s father pulled his stunts. When you loved someone that deeply, their pain became your agony.

The ER physician on call was not one of Cory’s favorite people, so he checked the computer records and talked with a couple of the nurses. It was frustrating because nobody knew what was wrong.

Nick’s body was functioning fine but he was unconscious and not responding to even basic physical tests.

“He’s getting a brain scan,” he explained to Ethan half an hour later. “Considering the results of his other tests, they highly doubt they’re going to find anything there either.”

“But how can nothing be wrong and yet he’s not awake?” Deke asked.

“You’d be surprised how often the symptoms make no sense,” Cory said gently. “If the brain scan comes back clear, then it falls into a psychiatric field.” Ethan cocked a brow. “When given an emotional shock, sometimes the body shuts down until the brain is ready to accept whatever it was told. The human body is a fantastic and highly confusing mechanism. There is much we don’t know. What happened right before he collapsed?”

“He spoke to Deke on the phone about the shooting,” Ethan said.

“Yeah. And I told him about the campus meetings tomorrow and how we were going to go as a group,” Deke added. “Then we hung up.”

“There’s something we’re missing,” Cory mused. “Has he ever been involved with a shooting before?”

Ethan’s eyes widened. “Not that I know of. Why? Do you think this is some sort of post-traumatic stress thing?”

“I don’t know. And none of us are going to know until Nick wakes back up.” He glanced around and then back at them. “Why don’t you get comfortable? I’m going to go out and get the both of you some coffee and something to eat. I’ll be back soon.”

“No coffee for me,” Deke said. “Don’t drink the stuff.”

“Anything with caffeine?” Cory asked.

“Pepsi’s fine.”

He was gone and back in less than thirty minutes and it was another two hours before the information the FPU clinic faxed over was entered into the system and the doctor came out to talk to Ethan and Deke. Just like he suspected. Physically Nick was in good shape and yet he showed all the signs of shock. Which meant something emotional caused his collapse.

He had the feeling that somehow it was tied to the shooting. Cory closed his eyes. They needed to find something that would help them all. If needed, he would get everyone together and brainstorm, but he felt it would be best if someone already had an idea. They needed to voice it. And galvanize everyone into working toward it.

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