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Hello everyone 🙂 I’m starting this with a sad and ending on a good note.

First off, I will be away for most of the next three months. Usually I take December off to regroup, but this has been a very stressful year and so I am taking October-December off to regroup and hopefully be much better for it come January. I’ll be working on my writing and my art.

That’s the sad news. Now for the good news.

I was originally going to leave the ‘air waves’ static as I’m going to do my best to not do online at all. (That usually takes days or weeks to settle in.) 😉 But I hate the thought of leaving my blog hanging postless for that long. It seems wrong. So I was going back over some of my stories and found a bunch of Flash fictions that I wrote and then never did anything with.

The light goes on

There are 15 flash fics having to do with my Falcon Pointe M/M Romance series. The fics have to do with a very serious subject and are not romance at all. They are from many different points of view. You’ll hear from Santi, Finn, & Frank, as well as Cory, Ethan, David, and Levlin. Not to mention Trent, Bastien, Rafe, and Nick.

So, every Wednesday for the next 15 weeks, you’ll get a new flash fiction to read that will bring you further into this vignette grouping I’ve called Catalyst. I’d flippantly say “I hope you enjoy” but the serious subject kind of waylays that sentiment. Perhaps a better thing to say would be “I hope this makes you think and that you enjoy it while you think.”

While these fics take place after the event, they will discuss a school shooting.


From the ashes of horrendous events, hope will arise

Have you read the Men of Falcon Pointe? Getting to know the characters will help you understand the dynamics better in the flash fics, but aren’t necessarily required. Check out the first novels in the Men of Falcon Pointe series.

Book Cover: 959 Brenton Street
Book Cover: Finding His Home

Book Cover: Becoming Rafe

Book Cover: His Right Choice

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