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Through the end of the year (and the first couple Wednesdays into 2018) I am posting never-before published flash fictions related to my Men of Falcon Pointe. If you haven’t read them, you can find the previous fics at:  #1 & #2.

Content Warning: While these fics take place after the event, they will discuss a school shooting.


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Before Friday, there wasn’t anything much more likely to send him into a comfortable nap than watching David work through a brief. But now, Bastien couldn’t take his eyes off him. They sat in David’s office early Sunday morning. Sleep was caught in quick non-restful naps. Nobody at the house was having a full night’s sleep at the moment.

“I’m glad I don’t have to go up on campus,” Bastien said quietly, not expecting a response.

David stopped what he was doing and looked up, his bright blue eyes a soft, sad gray. “Come here.” He pushed back from his desk and held out his arms. Bastien walked around the desk and sat on his lap, curling into his husband’s arms. “Talk to me, Bas.”

Bastien closed his eyes. As always, that nickname only used by David made him feel warm. “I know so many of the psychological reasons for what we’re feeling,” he murmured. “I know that it will take time to overcome and make everyone feel safe again. But the overriding…” He bit the inside of his cheek when he couldn’t find the right word.

“Terror?” David suggested quietly.

“Yeah.” Bastien trailed his fingertips around the buttons on David’s shirt as he thought about some of the reactions he’d witnessed or overheard. “Did you hear Trent last night?”

“Yes I did.” David placed a kiss on his temple. “It’s not surprising. I’m surprised you haven’t broken down. Both of you have worked tirelessly since the shooting to help everyone else. The strain’s hard on you.” He rubbed Bastien’s back. “Before you got up this morning, I had a little talk with Cory while Trent was in the shower. We’re going to have a house meeting tonight. He wants everyone to get out their fears and worries so we can start working forward. While he worries about everyone else, he’s focused on us right now.”

That made Bastien smile. Cory was the cornerstone of their family, stalwart as always. “I’m sure he’ll have some good suggestions. I told Frank I’d come over there this afternoon to talk with Santi and Finn. Levlin’s overloaded and can’t make it and those two are having a hard time with the thought of going back to campus tomorrow.”

“Can’t blame them,” David said with a small yawn. “If Frank’s there, pull him into the conversation because he needs help just as much as they do.”

“His PTSD?” Bastien guessed.

“He’s worked through most of it, but being in the line of fire must have brought it back.”

They sat there for a few minutes, the second hand of the wall clock tickling lightly in the background. Finally Bastien pulled back and gave David a peck on the lips. “Why don’t I get you some lunch and then I’ll head over to Frank’s. That way you can get your brief finished and I can be home in time for the meeting.”

“Sounds good.” David gave him a long, slow kiss. Bastien relaxed against him, giving as much as receiving as he basked in his husband’s love. When they pulled back, he hopped up and left. A tremble of discomfort trickled down his spine as he left the confines of David’s office, but he forced himself to continue to the car.

Just like he and Trent kept telling everyone. It would get better.

It had to.

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