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Here’s the next Flash Fiction from Falcon Pointe. If you haven’t read the first, it’s here.

Content Warning: While these fics take place after the event, they will discuss a school shooting.


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“Hey.” Trent stared out the window as Cory stepped up behind him and pulled him back against his chest. Strong hands rubbed up and down his cold arms. “Want to talk about it?”

Trent shook his head. What could he say that hadn’t already been said? He’d felt hatred from his parents, but it was nothing like what happened on the Falcon Pointe University campus. To murder a bunch of people just because of their sexual orientation. It made no sense.

“Fear comes in many forms,” Cory murmured into his ear. “Hatred. Depression. Acting out. You know all this. For the last thirty-six hours you’ve been helping our extended family deal with their fears. Love, you need to work on your own.”

A shudder went down Trent’s back and he turned around and latched onto his husband. “I feel so… so…” He closed his eyes and pressed his face against Cory’s neck. “So fucking impotent right now, Cory.” Cory wrapped his arms around Trent and pulled him close. “I want to help, but how can I? How can I conquer such absolute hysteria? There was no reason for that guy to walk into the Falcon Pointe University library and open fire. None. Those guys did nothing to him. He didn’t even know them. He just knew the QSA was having a meeting on the top floor and went for them.” His voice choked, yet he somehow managed to push out his worst fears. “How can I help others get over their fear that it could happen again, when I can’t get past mine?” He gripped Cory tighter. “I’m terrified to step out of the house, Cory. Even worse, I don’t want you to leave. Your name is well-known in the local LGBT community. If someone took you from me—”

That was the last straw—voicing his worst fear—and Trent broke into huge gut-wrenching sobs.

Cory lifted him up and carried him downstairs to the basement. He sat on the loveseat and pulled Trent on his lap. He didn’t say a word as Trent cried. Instead he stroked his back, rubbed his arms, letting him know in a real way he was there while letting Trent release his tension.

“We can’t control what other people do,” Cory murmured in his ear once his sobs had died down. “We can’t, Trent. But if we let our fears take over, we let them win. And just so you know, I’m as terrified as you are that something will happen to you. Or to David, Alan, or Bastien. To any of the men in our extended family.”

“How do you do it?” Trent asked quietly, finally beginning to feel warm for the first time since he’d heard about the event. “Stay strong, I mean.”

Cory let out a long sigh and held him tighter. “I’m not so sure it’s about staying strong. I think I’ve just got a very hard head.” Trent snorted a small laugh. “I won’t let the bastards win, sweetheart. If I keep my head down and stay out of everyone’s radar, I let them win. If I keep all of you safe at the house, without letting you live, I let them win. If I don’t live my life, I let them win.

“When I moved to Falcon Pointe, I knew some people as I grew up relatively close, but not a lot. I knew none of the gay community. There were two choices I had. Keep my homosexuality quiet or be myself, damn the consequences. There was no way I was going in a closet. So I was honest about who I was and put the feelers out through my friends and family for any men who felt out of place and needed someone like them to talk to. That’s how this all began, Trent. Our family. Because I refused to hide.”

Trent sniffled and looked up at his husband. “You built something pretty great by being out.”

Cory smiled. “I agree. Our circle is amazing. Plus I never would have met you if I hadn’t done that. I think that what you need to concentrate on is something bigger than your fear.”

“Something bigger? What? Like the world’s going to implode or something?” Trent grimaced.

With a chuckle, Cory shook his head. “Not something worse. Something bigger. Something better. It needs to be something so big, so amazing, that the fear can’t compete. You’ve said it in the past, love. That loving me made it easier to leave the old fear behind. Our relationship and living your life out where you could be you was your something better. Now you need to find a new something better. A goal that will become stronger when the fear encroaches.”

Thinking about it, Trent nodded slowly. Cory and all the wonderful men of their acquaintance were the catalyst for him leaving the old life that he’d hated and living the new one that had opened doors he hadn’t even known existed before. “Something to conquer the fear.”

“Something bigger than the fear,” Cory said.

Trent leaned his head on Cory’s shoulder again. His husband was right. It was one of those things Trent relied on. When he got upset or the world was spinning around him, Cory always was able to put things in perspective. “I’ll think on it,” he said.

“Good. Now how about something to get your mind off things?” Cory suggested as he picked up the remote and turned on the television.

“Like what?” Trent assumed Cory would pull up the internet and some porn, but smiled when instead he turned the channel to a cartoon. “Minions?” he asked with a chuckle.

“Mindless humor. Lose yourself in it a bit and then we’ll go back to bed.”

Trent pulled down the blanket that lay on the back of the loveseat and covered them both up. The cartoon was wonderfully silly and it allowed him to break free from his worries for a few minutes.

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