1 year later… Fig Wine is bottled #VineandWine

Okay, so I started my fig wine back in early October 2016. I racked it a few times and then have basically let it sit in it’s last racked jug for over six months. It was in a pretty dark bottle, but besides the fact it bubbled a bit at first, it’s just been sitting there. I finally decided it was time to bottle the thing. Imagine my surprise when the wine turned out to be the lightest peach color I’ve ever seen.

I had expected the color at first because the original bottle was so deep peach. But then each time I racked it, it was pinker and pinker and pinker… and now it’s peach. The picture makes it look much, much darker than it is. It’s excessively pale… so pale it almost looks clear.

The flavor is light, then again figs have light flavor. I like that the alcohol sting has mellowed, though I look forward to tasting the 4 bottles it made over the next year to see how the flavor changes.

There won’t be any fig wine made this year – my upstairs neighbors didn’t listen to me when I explained you have to prune a fig tree between right after the fruit is gone and when everything is frozen. They pruned it in August (about four weeks ago actually). So the leaves are out and it’s beautifully green – but there are no figs trying to sprout.

Tomorrow or sometime this weekend I’m going to bottle the quince bochet. It’s been too sweet the last two times I racked, so I’m not sure if I’ll like it.

But I do enjoy the fun of making it.

The only downside is all the sanitation you have to do each and every time. I understand it and do it thoroughly, but it’s still a pain in the ass. It takes longer to sterilize than it does to do anything else.

I’m going to start checking out other things I can ferment. I won’t do beer because… eww. Nope – can’t stand the taste of it or even the stench of hops. But I’m sure there are all sorts of fun things I can ferment… *eyes apple tree in back yard* Hard cider might be nice.

So another shout out to Ben in England! *waves* Thanks so much for your post on it. I look forward to next year’s crop of figs and tweaking the original recipe I used 😀

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