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It’s WipItUp time again. And I’m excited for the snippets I’m giving you for the next few weeks.

The All They Ever Needed novels are still in early release and I’ve got another snippet from the first novel – As Natural as Breathing – for you today. In this scene, Christian has been questioning his sexuality and he gets another taste of Logan


Christian followed him as he walked up to the large door and entered a code into a small keypad. It began to open. Logan pulled Christian inside before pushing in more buttons on a keypad inside and the door closed. It wasn’t warm, but it was warmer than outside. He’d begun to look around what he quickly realized was the shop where Logan and his dad must have built Squirt when he was jerked forward as Logan hurried across the room.

“What’s the hurry?” he asked.

“There’s a space heater over here.”

The furthest corner of the shop had a small area that could only be described as a man cave. Two leather sofas, a large-screen television, as well as a small kitchenette. Logan dropped his hand as they got there and grabbed a small heater. He placed it on the coffee table between the sofas. Once it was turned on, the space began to heat nicely.

“How was your morning?” Christian asked as he walked over and sat on the sofa where the heater was aimed. Logan sat down next to him so that their thighs brushed up against one another. The feeling of Logan’s leg up against his made Christian’s heart beat faster and blood rushed to his groin.

“Oh man,” Logan laughed, wrapping an arm around his shoulders. “Dad and I talked this morning about his family. And it looks like I’ll be going to New York this summer.”

Thoughts of being touched left for a moment. “That’s great. So your father was open about everything?”

“Everything. Turns out, my grandparents live on a small island nation over near Europe. They’re related to royalty and have a rather high opinion of themselves, I guess, a feeling my uncle obviously has as well. Several cousins live in the Northeast and Dad said he would make sure I met my grandparents when I go. They rarely leave their home, but once a year visit New York.

“I asked him why I’ve never met them, wondering if they wanted nothing to do with me.” Logan shook his head. “Dad admitted that was his choice. He didn’t want them to fill my head with their ideas that we were better than others because of who we’re related to. He figures that by now, I can make up my own mind.”

“Wow,” Christian murmured, “royalty?” He chuckled. “If you ask me to bow to you, I’ll have to knock some sense into you.”

Logan ran his fingers up and down Christian’s arm lightly. Each movement sent little shivers down his spine. “I’m not quite sure how to see the whole thing, to be honest, and at some point I might get pissed about all the secrecy, but I’m excited. A whole family I don’t know—a summer in New York. I can hardly wait.”

“So are you ready to go back to school?” Christian felt the need to keep talking when all he wanted to do was kiss the man next to him.

“In a way. I mean, I love school and I love Seattle. But,” he winked at Christian, “there are some things about Yakima I’ll miss.”

“You mean like the overwhelming bad air in the winter? No, I know, the really wicked fast food. Or wait.” Christian laughed at Logan’s raised eyebrow, “I know, you’ll miss your mom’s cook—”

One minute Logan watched him, the next he shut him up with one kiss. And just like that, Christian didn’t care. Soft velvety lips caressed his own. He opened his mouth with a sigh as a moist tongue pressed lightly against the crevice. When Logan’s tongue invaded his mouth, memories of the dreams from the night before came to him. He was immediately hard and wanting. Wrapping one arm around Logan’s back and the other one around his shoulders, he grasped onto Logan’s raven locks and held him.

More. He wanted more.

Moaning, he pushed his chest against his partner, moving lightly and groaning at the feeling of his pert nipples rubbing against his shirt. “Christian,” Logan groaned, pulling him closer.

Arms, hands, and bodies touched and caressed. Christian was so alive with the feelings that came from it that it took some time before he realized he was straddling Logan and grinding his cock against the gorgeous man’s abdomen.


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