Why didn’t I fall for a guy #SatSpanks #MMRomance #DD

OTK Sat Spanks-dusty roseHappy Saturday, Spankos 🙂

This will be my last SatSpanks post for a few months… so I thought I’d leave you with some humor. Christian is talking to his brother about his relationship with Logan.


“We’re both men, so it isn’t like we have the whole problem with men and women’s communication problems.”

“True,” Derrick said slowly. “You know, I could hate you for that. It almost doesn’t seem fair that you never have to deal with your wife sending you to the store to buy feminine hygiene products. Believe me, that’s a terror no man should ever have to go through.”

Spluttering a laugh, Christian grinned. “Another reason I’m glad I have Logan.”

“Jerk.” Derrick snickered. “No period to deal with, no bloating, no cramps, no your spouse turning into an evil witch once a month… fuck. Why didn’t I fall in love with a guy?”

“You’re slow,” Christian teased, making his brother laugh. He glanced up, grinning as Logan walked out the back door and sauntered in his direction with a smirk on his face. “Well, speak of the devil,” he said as Logan reached him.


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