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It’s WipItUp time again. This is my final All They Ever Needed snippet for this year.

Have you been enjoying the snippets from the All They Ever Needed? I gave you two weeks of As Natural as Breathing, which was the beginning of their relationship, and two weeks of Took My Breath Away, which solidified where they are going as a couple. Now here’s a wonderful taste from Breathe Each Other In. In this book, tensions are high as Logan finishes his final year of college and Christian learns as much as he can from Logan’s father about domestic discipline.

In this scene, Christian has to navigate his way through being Logan’s head of house/Top.


Turning his head toward the two of them, the warmth once again entered Gregory’s eyes. “You two okay?” Logan leaned into Christian and tucked his head into his throat.

“We will be,” Christian said calmly. “And Gregory? Thank you.”

Logan’s father raised an eyebrow and his eyes twinkled. “For what? You are family, Christian. There’s no backing out now. You’re one of us.” He winked and left.

Logan took a shuddery breath and Christian slowly rubbed his back. “What happened, love?”

“They said horrible things about you,” Logan muttered.

Nodding, Christian let out a soft sigh. “They should meet up with Brian. They could have a hatefest back and forth.” Kissing Logan lightly on the top of his head, he raised one hand to Logan’s chin, prodding his head up until he could look him in the eyes. “What did they say?”

Wincing, Logan shook his head. “I don’t want to talk about it.”

Taking a deep breath, Christian considered that. Normally he would let it go and over time forget all about it, but all of the lessons he had learned from Gregory pointed to one thing: open communication. Pure honesty was at the heart of the kind of relationship they were in.

“Gorgeous, tell me.”

It took a few minutes for Logan to respond. “It’s not important.”

Groaning slightly, Christian grasped his forearms and took a half step backward. “Logan, I know we’re starting out, but you know more than I do how important honesty is in the kind of relationship we’re embarking on. As such, I need for you to tell me what they said, not as any kind of tattletale or gossip, but because we need no secrets between us. Right?”

Christian hoped he was not crossing a line. There was still so much he didn’t understand and this was one of those times he felt like he was walking a tightrope without a net. “You’ll feel that way a lot for a few years,” Gregory had said during one of their talks. “Each time you enforce a rule or ask him to do something for the first time. And when he refuses it will feel even worse. What you need to remember is that no matter how scary it is to do what you need to do, that the end result will put the two of you on firmer ground.”

A strange look of consternation mixed with pleasure crossed Logan’s face. “I know,” he whispered. “But their words… They were so horrible and I don’t want to hurt you.”

Relieved that he was on the right track, Christian thought about what Logan said. “I may not want to hear it, but I won’t let you bear that burden alone, love. Come on.” Taking Logan’s hand, he led him out of the room, up the stairs, and to Logan’s bedroom, closing the door behind him. Together they walked over to the bed and sat down.

Logan wrung his hands together, shooting Christian a pained look. “Are you sure, Christian?”

“Yes.” Christian was positive that Logan blurting out whatever he had heard was important. Did he want to hear it? Not particularly. But Logan needed to share it, that much he understood.

“I was coming down the stairs when I heard Hallie talking to Margaret. Their voices held that… loud whisper quality I always associate with gossip and I paused as gossip is one thing Dad hates with a passion. He can’t stand it. So much that it became one of his rules with Mom and her friends—no gossip in this house.

“I heard what they said.” He paused and gritted his teeth before repeating their words, his tone turning malicious as if that was the only way he could get the words out. “‘I cannot believe Logan is dating such a freak. He could certainly do better than to date someone whose face looks as though he took a razor to it.’

“‘I know. Plus the Darringers are not in his class. He could do so much better.’”

His voice went back to a quiet murmur as he continued. “That’s when I turned and went in there. You came in a few seconds later.” Shuddering slightly, Logan glanced at Christian. His gaze intensified and he raised a finger to trace the long scar that started above Christian’s left eye and ended below his chin. “I don’t really notice your scars. And when I do? I think they make you better looking. They remind me of what a strong man you are, Christian, about how much you had to fight to make it through. How can… how can anyone say such horrible things about you?” he asked in a husky voice. “How can anyone say anything so vulgar about the man I love?”

Internally Christian expected to wince at what the women said but he had come to terms with those kinds of words long ago. People tended to be cruel and judge first. It was Logan’s pain that hurt him the most. Pulling him close, Christian kissed the side of his head. “My dear Logan, I’m sorry you had to hear that. Unfortunately people do say stupid, hurtful things. Plus, I understand how hard that was to share. Thank you for being honest with me.”


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Book Cover: As Natural As Breathing
Took My Breath Away
Book Cover: Breathe Each Other in
Book Cover: All They Ever Needed Boxed Set


Starting next week, I’ll have brand new flash fiction for you for the rest of the year. They are all related to the Men of Falcon Pointe series. I hope you enjoy the new flash fic as each one adds new dimension to the one before it.

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