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OTK Sat Spanks-dusty roseHappy Saturday, Spankos 🙂

Whew – can you believe it’s fall already? The leaves are turning, the nights are getting chilly, and it looks like I’m going to have to get the electric blanket out soon.

In this snippet from the re-released All They Ever Needed series, Logan & Christian up the heat.


Kissing Kelli paled in comparison to kissing this strong man. Usually he had been the one who initiated a French kiss. Kelli accepted it, but never seemed to enjoy it. Logan enjoyed taking control, but when Christian elected to put up a little resistance by using his tongue to stop Logan from entering his mouth too far, the most amazing sound came out of his chest. It was a deep rumble that made Christian’s cock so hard he wished he could unzip his pants and let it out.

The sound broke all resistance and Christian stopped trying. As his date’s tongue investigated every inch of his mouth, he found himself running his fingers through Logan’s hair.

It was soft and thick. He hoped he never cut it. Logan’s left hand still held the back of his neck while his tongue plundered Christian’s mouth, but his right hand began to stroke down Christian’s chest until it covered his cock, which was straining to be released.

“Fuck,” Logan moaned, pulling his mouth away. “Can I help?” he asked in a husky tone, rubbing lightly over the bulge.


Click on the image of the cover to get the blurb & buy links.

Book Cover: As Natural As Breathing
Took My Breath Away
Book Cover: Breathe Each Other in
Book Cover: All They Ever Needed Boxed Set

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