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It’s WipItUp time again. And I’m excited for the snippets I’m giving you for the next few weeks.

Have you read the first three novels in the All They Ever Need series? They’ve just been re-released and are better than ever. Here’s another snippet from Took My Breath Away. The Bavarian-style village of Leavenworth, Washington becomes a bit of a special spot for Logan & Christian. Here’s the beginnings of their first visit.


As it turned out, the surprise was more than worth it. Logan was thrilled they ended up in Leavenworth. “I haven’t been here for years,” he exclaimed as they got out of Christian’s truck. He radiated joy like a little boy. “They used to have the best sweet shop.”

Laughing, Christian grabbed his hand and walked toward the shops. “Let’s see if it’s still there.”

They filled up on candy apples, fudge, and cookies, as well as bratwurst and beer before checking into their hotel. As they walked into the Bavarian Lodge, Logan beamed. “I’ve never stayed here, but I know Mom and Dad have come here before on their anniversary.”

Christian checked them in and they were shown to the Turret Suite. A huge king-sized bed faced a fireplace, and through a little alcove, there was a large Jacuzzi tub for two across from a bench. “Who’s going to watch us?” Logan asked in amusement, making Christian laugh. They walked over to the three windows that looked off the Jacuzzi room and smiled at their view of the little village down below. Turning around, Logan wrapped his arms around Christian and pulled him close. “Thank you.”

Christian did not know who moved first, but their lips touched and it seemed like such a simple thing to undress, discarding his clothes on to the bench as Logan did the same. They stood face-to-face and everything that had stopped Christian in the past seemed unimportant. He knew exactly what he wanted to do. “Come with me,” he said softly, grabbing Logan’s hand and leading him back into the main room and to the bed. “Lie on your stomach.”

Logan crawled into the bed and lay down, resting his chin on his arms as Christian went to his overnight bag. Jane had made a comment a few days ago about it always being smart to carry massage oil, as you never knew when it would come in handy. He pulled out the new bottle and opened the cap, breathing in the rich musk that escaped. Placing the bottle on the side table, Christian climbed onto the bed and straddled Logan’s legs.

After pouring some oil into one palm, he rubbed his hands together to warm it up and started on Logan’s shoulders. Instantly Logan moaned, pulling his arms down and relaxing. “I knew I loved you,” he murmured as Christian’s warm hands pushed on his tight shoulder muscles.

Smiling, Christian worked on him, from his shoulders all the way down his back. He took a long time on Logan’s ass. That was an area of his boyfriend he had never concentrated on before. Something he had been remiss at, and would never be so again. Logan was so incredibly built, his backend was a bit of a surprise. Christian understood now the concept of a bubble butt. Logan definitely had one. It turned him on. His fingers dug into the flesh, and the moans and gasps that came from the man under him encouraged him to keep going. Leaving those beautiful globes behind to move on to Logan’s legs was a difficult thing to do, but Christian did. After all, once he got down to Logan’s feet, he had his whole front to do.

A great thing he discovered about giving such a massage to his partner was that he found out a vast amount of sensitive areas. He never would have guessed that the backs of Logan’s knees were an erogenous zone, but they were. By the time Christian reached his feet, Logan had to lift up his hips to take some of the pressure off his now-erect cock. Ignoring his own prominent erection as he wanted this to be all about Logan, Christian finished his back. “Turn over, gorgeous,” he murmured.

Logan managed to turn over, loosened up from the massage, as well as excited. The combination stoked the flames of Christian’s need higher.

“The oil smells wonderful,” Logan whispered as Christian poured more onto his hands and massaged his arms.

“Yes, it does. And the best thing about it? It’s edible.”

Logan managed a small leer, which was quite the feat considering how relaxed he looked. Smiling back, Christian moved up his arms and down his chest, over his pecs, and up and down his hips and legs, managing to steer clear of Logan’s cock, which was leaking and looked delicious from Christian’s vantage point. That helped him do the one thing he had wanted to do for weeks but had not been able to. After he finished massaging Logan’s ankles, he leaned forward and gave his boyfriend a soft kiss. Before he could be pulled astray by Logan’s amazing lips, he moved down and looked at the gorgeous appendage standing up in front of him. Leaning in, he inhaled, understanding Logan’s reaction when he had done the same to him.

Logan’s scent was intense there and, combined with the musky oil, Christian didn’t try to resist. His tongue ran from balls to tip.


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