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It’s WipItUp time again. And I’m excited for the snippets I’m giving you for the next few weeks.

The All They Ever Needed novels are officially released as of tomorrow (Sept 14th) but you can buy them from my store and download today! Or buy from an online eRetailer and have it download first thing tomorrow.

This week, I’m giving you a snippet from the 2nd novel, Took My Breath Away. In this snippet, Logan is home for the summer and Christian has just moved into his own apartment. A celebration of sorts is definitely in order.


They ate their way through two hamburgers and a ton of fries as they curled up on the sofa. When they were done, Christian murmured, “Stay the night?” He couldn’t imagine sleeping alone at the moment. Sleeping with Logan had become one of his favorite things to do.

A small, shy smile crossed his boyfriend’s face. “I was hoping you would ask. I brought an overnight bag.”

“Well then,” Christian said, excitement rushing through him as he stood up, holding out his hand. “There’s a new bed in there that needs to be christened.”

His eyes twinkling, Logan stood up and took the hand proffered. “Never let it be said that Logan Mannette left a bed alone in such a virginal state.”

“It would be a crime,” Christian muttered, backing toward his bedroom door. He couldn’t look away. Logan’s eyes were dark with desire and his own cock was pressing against the front of his pants, trying to find a way out. The only bad thing about spending the last two nights with Logan was that he hadn’t been able to do anything. If Logan hadn’t been able to stay over, he would have taken care of things in the shower. This was much better.

Logan leaned forward and kissed him as they walked through the door. Pulling him forward, Christian moaned, yanking his hips close. As he felt Logan’s hard cock tenting his jeans, he felt he might explode right then. “Spank me,” he muttered against his boyfriend’s warm lips.

“Damn right,” Logan muttered and, grabbing his shoulders, spun him around.

It took a couple minutes for Christian to recognize the changes to the room. Instead of the off-white sheets and blanket his mother had lent him, the bed was covered in a deep black blanket over black silk sheets. “Holy hell,” he grunted, looking at it.

“I looked through your stuff,” Logan whispered into his ear as he unzipped the fly of Christian’s slacks, “and all I found were the simple, white cotton sheets. I had the feeling they were from your momma, and that they might be freaked out by what two grown boys can get to between them. So I went out and bought you a bedroom set. Like them?” he asked hesitantly as his hand paused.

Christian was amazed. “They’re gorgeous,” he murmured, leaning forward and running his hand along the cover.

“I’ve always wanted black sheets,” Logan mused, leaning his cheek on Christian’s shoulder.

Christian felt his face break into a huge grin. “Does that mean you’ll be over often?” he asked hopefully.

“As often as you’re okay with.”

“Ah hell, Logan, I might never let you leave,” he said in contentment, leaning back against him. “I love you.” It felt amazing to say the words. They used to feel strange coming from his lips, but now whenever he thought about or saw Logan, there was no doubt about how he felt.

“I love you, too. Now, let’s get these clothes off so I can turn a beautiful white ass a bright shiny red.”

“Yes,” Christian hissed, ripping a couple buttons off his shirt in his haste to remove it.

By the time his last sock sailed into the hamper, Logan was completely naked and sitting against the wall at the head of the bed. Christian raised an eyebrow. He expected him to be sitting on the edge of the bed.

“Come here.” Logan beckoned and Christian leaped onto the bed next to him, grinning when Logan kissed him. “I want to show you the toys I bought,” he explained. “We can go bare handed, but I thought you might want to experiment with these, too.” Leaning over the other side of the bed, he pulled up a bag. He turned it upside down and several items fell onto their laps: a large wooden spoon, a spatula, a pancake turner, a large, flat wooden cutting board, and a leather paddle.


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