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It’s WipItUp time again.

Check out this snippet from On the Edge of Fear, the 3rd novel in the Elan Isle Contemporary BDSM Romance series. Ryan has spent the last two years learning how to be a Dom, but he doesn’t think he has it down yet. He’s also never learned to flirt with a pretty girl. Scening is one thing, flirting is a whole new adventure.


Pleased he’d helped open someone to kink, he turned to clean the bench and spotted the girl from earlier. The raven beauty stood about ten feet away watching him. Excitement raced up his spine and he glanced around to see if anyone was waiting for a spanking. With nobody looking his way, he looked right into her eyes. They were a deep, deep chocolate brown.

“Hello, again,” he said as he finished cleaning. Ryan took in the fact that she was not dressed for kink. Her tight blue jeans and camisole top made her stand out. Given her demeanor, which told him that she was trying to be part of the backdrop, she’d worn the wrong clothes. “Back for a spanking?” He may have sounded a bit more hopeful than he’d intended.

Her soft olive skin turned a little pink and she shook her head. She didn’t run away, though, so he casually stepped off the gazebo, walked halfway, and stopped. He didn’t want to spook her. “I’m Ryan.”


What a sexy name. He could imagine saying it while he played with her. The thought sent excitement rushing to his groin and his cock began to fill. In his pantaloons, the reaction was evident. Her eyes flicked down, widened, and her cheeks turned a deep red.

Shy. Conservatively dressed. Definitely a newbie to kink.

“Enjoying the Faire?”

Her eyes flicked back up to his and amusement danced in their depths. “Well, it’s not what I expected.”

“Oh?” What had she expected from a kink event?

“I thought it was a renaissance fair.”

He laughed, imagining her shock when she realized it was no regular renaissance fair. “What gave us away?” he asked in a teasing voice.

She giggled and he delighted in each husky note. Lexi took a step forward and shrugged. “It’s been interesting.”

“And you feel trapped,” he guessed. “Since you can’t leave until five.”

“Sort of. It’s not been bad. More like I’ve received a massive education.” She fidgeted a little and he searched through his mind, looking for anything to say to keep her from walking away.

“Have you tried the food yet?”

“I had a cupcake from A Taste of Twink. It was good.” Her words sounded stilted, though he wasn’t sure why.

“Oh yeah. Slate’s food is fantastic.” He took a breath, remembering Alec’s suggestion. “I’ve got another couple hours here at the booth but I’d love to talk some more. Would you like to go to dinner afterward? My treat.”

A small smile curved up the corners of her mouth and she nodded.

“Awesome. Want to stick around? Or are you off to be shocked more?” He winked and loved it when she laughed. It was huskier than her giggle.

“I think I’ll walk around a bit, but I’ll be back at four?”


She glanced around and then sort of scuttled away, as though she didn’t want to be seen. He couldn’t keep his eyes off her.


Cover for Elan Isle Book 3
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On the Edge of Fear

Having survived the streets for five years, Alexis Amari knows that staying safe means keeping to herself and not getting attached to anyone. All her training and logic come to nothing the day she visits Ye Olde Kinke Faire, intent on picking as many pockets as she can, and meets Ryan Walston.

At twenty, Ryan has a good life and is training to be a Dom. He’s at home at Elan Isle and Ye Olde Kinke Faire and when he meets Alexis, falls head over heels. When he finds out about her past, he gets her a job on the island. He hopes to be a good Dom someday. With them starting out on a D/s relationship, someday is now today and he struggles with the gaping holes in his experience.

Real work is harder than Alexis anticipated and she finds it more difficult to follow the rules than she expects. They both worry they will mess things up. The best night of their lives is blown apart and their entire future hovers on the edge of a knife. To move forward, Ryan and Alexis must face their deepest fears without falling apart. The sacrifices they make will either save their relationship or send them careening over the edge.

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