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OTK Sat Spanks-dusty roseHappy Saturday, Spankos πŸ™‚

This will be the last snippet from On the Edge of Fear for awhile. Hope you enjoy this hot little excerpt. Nothing like having sex in front of everyone…


Rough kisses punctured each thrust until they were both panting so hard that he stared into her eyes as he pummeled her, fucking her hard and fast. It was like her world had been off kilter her entire life and suddenly it was on track. There was a shout from somewhere in the dungeon, but she barely noticed it. Her entire world was Ryan. Him. His eyes. His lips. His hands. His cock.


Cover for Elan Isle Book 3
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On the Edge of Fear

Having survived the streets for five years, Alexis Amari knows that staying safe means keeping to herself and not getting attached to anyone. All her training and logic come to nothing the day she visits Ye Olde Kinke Faire, intent on picking as many pockets as she can, and meets Ryan Walston.

At twenty, Ryan has a good life and is training to be a Dom. He’s at home at Elan Isle and Ye Olde Kinke Faire and when he meets Alexis, falls head over heels. When he finds out about her past, he gets her a job on the island. He hopes to be a good Dom someday. With them starting out on a D/s relationship, someday is now today and he struggles with the gaping holes in his experience.

Real work is harder than Alexis anticipated and she finds it more difficult to follow the rules than she expects. They both worry they will mess things up. The best night of their lives is blown apart and their entire future hovers on the edge of a knife. To move forward, Ryan and Alexis must face their deepest fears without falling apart. The sacrifices they make will either save their relationship or send them careening over the edge.

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