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It’s WipItUp Hump day!

Last week, I gave you a snippet showing you Alexis’s confusion at Elan Isle. In this snippet, she’s figured out what’s going on. And she’s just had a brief glimpse of Ryan, who runs a spanking booth.


Alexis pulled back as if struck. Idiota, she chided herself. The best pickpocket was the one who never got noticed. The sexy guy had definitely noticed her. Or, maybe not. He didn’t look over his shoulder as he jogged away. Perhaps he flirted with everyone he came in contact with. Her heart rate began to slow.

Yes. That was it. He was like all the other odd people she’d seen since she arrived. Flirting seemed to come natural to them, when they weren’t telling someone to kneel or demanding that another suck their cock. She was still reeling from seeing that interchange. Giving head had helped her raise money at times, but something about the way those men ordered and the women sunk to their knees with their mouths opened had seemed different. More enticing, somehow. She wasn’t sure why.

As it turned out, Ye Olde Kinke Faire wasn’t a regular old renaissance fair. No. It seemed to be a fair for the kinky set. She was stuck there until the ferry returned at five o’clock. That was a good thing. She’d already managed to gather enough for a motel room for the night and her evening meal. By five, she should be set for the week if not more. If she didn’t get distracted by cute guys wielding paddles.

Taking another minute to get her breathing back to normal, she glanced around. The crowd that had surrounded the gazebo had moved on to other activities so she took a moment to look for a mark. Out of the corner of her eye, she spotted someone standing still like she was. That was such an oddity that she glanced his way. Ice poured through her veins.


Cover for Elan Isle Book 3
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On the Edge of Fear

Having survived the streets for five years, Alexis Amari knows that staying safe means keeping to herself and not getting attached to anyone. All her training and logic come to nothing the day she visits Ye Olde Kinke Faire, intent on picking as many pockets as she can, and meets Ryan Walston.

At twenty, Ryan has a good life and is training to be a Dom. He’s at home at Elan Isle and Ye Olde Kinke Faire and when he meets Alexis, falls head over heels. When he finds out about her past, he gets her a job on the island. He hopes to be a good Dom someday. With them starting out on a D/s relationship, someday is now today and he struggles with the gaping holes in his experience.

Real work is harder than Alexis anticipated and she finds it more difficult to follow the rules than she expects. They both worry they will mess things up. The best night of their lives is blown apart and their entire future hovers on the edge of a knife. To move forward, Ryan and Alexis must face their deepest fears without falling apart. The sacrifices they make will either save their relationship or send them careening over the edge.

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