Cover Reveal for Her Captured Heart #Contemporary #SciFi #Romance

I’m excited today to show you the cover for my upcoming Contemporary Sci-Fi Romance: Her Captured Heart.

If you’ve read my Markham Library series, you know I love stories where a hero or heroine steps into someone else’s story and makes it their own. That series focused on a library and magic. In this tale, technology has taken a new turn.

Her Captured Heart

Release: Oct 2017

Her Captured Heart Cover Reveal

Chosen to be one of the first to try an interactive experience for avid book readers, Mari jumps at the opportunity. She thinks she’ll view the characters. She thinks she’ll watch the story. She’s wrong.

Mari is thrust into the new story as the lead. She has a new life, a new world, and new situations and yet somehow, she knows exactly what to do. When a barbarian insults her, instead of acting like her character, she strikes out as herself, changing the story irrevocably.

Forced to marry him, she soon realizes he might not be the ogre she’d envisioned him to be. Passion ignites between them and lust turns to something she hadn’t counted on.

Time rushes by both in and out of the experience and soon her tale ends and her time is up. How can she walk away from the man who captured her heart?

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